four important labels, revealed by the psychologist

four important labels, revealed by the psychologist

Selfie has become ubiquitous. You can not travel anywhere without seeing someone who makes a selfie or waving a selfie stick.

Selfie can be fun and leads to some of the funniest memories of a trip, as long as certain rules of common sense are respected.

Three out of four people consider it socially acceptable to make your selfie while visiting a tourist destination or a concert. On the other hand, between 60 and 81% find it unacceptable to make your selfie in the bathroom or during a funeral, according to a study released by In the case of posters in public transport, at the gym, and during a meal in a restaurant, the views are divided.

Psychologist Lenke Iuhoş believes that beyond the places where it is common sense or not to pose, young people should know a series of label rules.

Asks permission for the first time

"If you want to do selfie only with you, there is no one to ask for your approval. However, if you want a selfie with someone, ask for permission first, because the other person may be considered to be injured by your gesture, especially when taken unprepared: maybe it is not arranged, it may not have the necessary condition, etc. At the same time, if you want to post that photo, ask for your approval before, and if you disagree with it, follow the decision, "explains psychologist Lenke Iuhoş.

Choose pictures in safe places

"The news sites are filled with articles with terrible young people who have made selfie in the most dangerous places and many of them have found their end there. Unfortunately, it has become fashionable for drivers to make their selfie or broadcast live while driving. There is nothing cool in a dangerous or stupid gesture, "says the psychologist.

Do not exaggerate with Facebook or Instagram selfies

"If you do your selfie when you wake up, when you are at a gym for a meal with your friends, in fact at any time of the day, it's your choice. At the same time, do not think that people really want to be aware of any second second, minute minute, and even feel exasperated by these posts. Special moments are special in the first place because they are rare. Do not turn your life into a long line of soap opera banalities. Choose to immortalize truly special moments and post those. Give them the chance to see more than a narcissist, give them the chance to see that you share their special moments with them, "says psychologist Lenke Iuhoş.

Provides goodness instead of superficiality

"When you see someone less fortunate than you, do not suddenly stop to make yourself a selfie with that person to show your friends what generous person you are. In return for a trivial self-esteem, you can do a nice gesture: provide a blanket to a homeless person so as not to be cold at night, help a person with disabilities who wants to take a product from a superior shelf or keep the door for a young mother who is struggling to keep the packs, but also the children of the hand. Do not parade with beautiful gestures, keep them in the heart, "concludes psychologist Lenke Iuhoş.

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