Four solutions for pain relief

Four solutions for pain relief

Four natural solutions to soothe the most intense pain! Back, dental or menstrual

Pain is that feeling we all run for. Sometimes the pains accompanying menstruation or rheumatism can be ameliorated by plants.

Careful! If the pain is accentuated and persists for more than 10 days, go to the doctor for investigations because it is very possible that the pain hides a real medical problem and needs treatment.

As a rule, when it hurts back, when we have rheumatism, or when menstruation gives us headaches, we have the urge to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs. It is right that they help us and the pain decreases in intensity, but taken in the long run they have quite serious side effects. We can try to call on plants to relieve troublesome pains.

For example, the strings can get rid of a neuralgia, dental pain. You can get a paste, a fresh St. John's wort by adding a few drops of olive oil, and after the composition has been left to macerate for a month, simply apply the maceration to the hurt area.

Cabbage leaves for back pain. All you have to do is rub off some fresh cabbage leaves, crush them and put them on a sterile compress. This applies to the painful back area.

Calcareous is very good when you have menstrual pain. You have to put 50 grams of calendula in one liter of boiling water and then squeeze the composition. It is advisable to drink 3 cups during the day and the pain will decrease in intensity.

Magirane flowers are good for muscle cramps. He must boil 30 grams of plant in one liter of water and then leave the composition infused. It will be applied locally in the form of warm compresses to the affected area.

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