Four techniques that help you fall asleep quickly and have a restful sleep

Four techniques that help you fall asleep quickly and have a restful sleep

Even if it seems impossible to sleep at 22 o'clock, taking into account the current circumstances, some simple relaxation exercises that we can perform for 10 minutes before bedtime can help us forget all worries and sleep peacefully without pauses , for about 8 hours a day.

If we keep this sleep program, our health will be visibly improved, we will become more energetic, we will regain our power of concentration, and we will do much more easily what we have set ourselves.

Dana Ţupa, the founder of the first international yoga school in Romania, explained what we can do before bed to sleep better.

Four simple steps for a good night's sleep:

  • Drink a warm lime tea, sweetened with lime honey, about 30 minutes before going to bed. Its calming effect is due to the neurosedative and antispastic properties of lime blossoms due to the essential oil of farnesol.
  • Do a personal ritual and do not jump from office or family issues directly into bed, hoping absurdly to fall asleep quickly. If you have a baby, you know that before going to bed, it is bath, massage, oil, etc. Likewise, a warm bath before falling in lavender oil can do wonders, as the muscles relax, the warm water makes the body to be in a comfort zone, and the lavender oil brings, in addition, the therapeutic effects of nerve relaxation and calmness.
  • Sit on your bed, with your legs crossed (turkish) and for a few minutes, do a simple meditation in which to follow your breath. Remove thoughts as much as possible and unite your attention with just breathing. Although it has tremendous value in purifying the mind, this kind of Buddhist meditation is considered dry, boring and sleeping for the human mind, which is constantly jumping from one thought to another.
  • Spread on the bed and practice the next relaxation exercise: it strengthens all the muscles, from the crown to the toes. Maintain contraction for 5-6 seconds and then relax suddenly. Repeat three times this exercise and then concentrate again, lying down, breathing.
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