Frightful fines for those who do not cut ambrosia! The latest announcement

Frightful fines for those who do not cut ambrosia! The latest announcement

Striking fines are announced by the City Hall of Bucharest for those who do not stubble the ambrosia on the lands they own or manage.

Ambrose must be eliminated by all owners or land managers who grow this plant.

Holders or managers of land on whose surfaces have been detected outbreaks of infestation with this plant are bound to eliminate it!

Fines are between 750 and 5,000 lei for individuals, respectively between 5,000 and 20,000 lei for legal persons.

The Bucharest City Hall informs the citizens of the capital about the recent legislative changes in the field of preventing, fighting and destroying the ambrosia, a plant known for its harmful effects on the population (causes reactions that can affect the lives of people with certain types of allergies).

Thus, as it is an invasive species, extremely damaging by the effect and the amount of pollen spread in the atmosphere, last year the legislation in the field was updated (Law no. 62/2008 on the control of weeds and ambrosia and the methodological norms for application approved by GD No 707/2018) and the application at the local level was initiated – by adopting, at the proposal of the General Mayor Gabriela Firea, HCGMB no. 123/2019 regarding the approval of the Instructions for application of the provisions of Law no. 62/2018 and of the methodological norms.

At the same time, in order to manage this area at the local level, a joint commission was set up consisting of the City Hall, the sectoral mayoralties and other 7 institutions with attributions in the field of health and environment: the Bucharest Public Health Department, the Commissariat of Bucharest – Garda The National Environment Agency, the Agriculture Department of the Municipality of Bucharest etc. (Order of the Bucharest Prefect No. 379/2018).

Thus, the sectors of the Municipality of Bucharest have the obligation to identify the ambrosia infested lands every spring, to communicate their list to PMB and to send notifications to the owners or owners by June 5 of each year land, with regard to their legal obligations and applicable sanctions.

In turn, the City Hall has ordered ALPAB to take all legal measures so as to eliminate ambrosia from the green parks and green spaces it has under administration, according to the legislation in force.

The owners and administrators of the notified land have the obligation, until June 30 of each year, to carry out works for combating and destroying the ambrosia.

Following the application of the papers, they must inform in writing the local public administration authority within which the infested land (ie Sector 1-6 of Bucharest) is located.

Combating the ambrosia is done by applying the methods recommended by the specialists within the Department of Agriculture of the City of Bucharest, namely mowing repeatedly, manually or mechanically, pulling off isolated areas, making deep stones and discourses on agricultural land, except for herbicides – in areas of public interest.

In the other areas, herbicides can be applied, but limited to the infested lands, only at the recommendation of the specialists within the Direction for Agriculture of the Municipality of Bucharest and under the direct guidance and control of the specialists within the plant protection plants during the whole vegetation period, it is stipulated in art. 7 of the instructions approved by HCGMB 123/2019.

Between 1 July and 15 July and 16 July to 31 July, the Joint Commission set up at the Capital level will verify the land and will apply sanctions to the owners / administrators when they find any deviations from the legal provisions.

The fines are between 750 and 5,000 lei for individuals, respectively between 5,000 and 20,000 lei for legal persons (according to the Methodological Norms approved by GD No. 707/2018). The value of the applied sanctions is represented as revenues to the local budget of Sector 1-6 of Bucharest.

Since 2017, the municipality has started measures to combat ambrosia, by adopting HCGMB no. 353/2017. During 2018, the General Directorate of Local Police and Control of Bucharest recorded 74 deviations and applied contravention sanctions.

This year, according to the new amendments to the legislation and as mentioned above, the verification and detection of non-compliance by landowners or landowners as well as sanctions are made by the Joint Commission, under the coordination of the Agriculture Department of the Municipality of Bucharest.

Information on weeds, methods for combating it, and legal provisions are available on the official websites of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of the Environment by accessing the links: and

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