From what date will children receive duplicate allowances. The official announcement was made

From what date will children receive duplicate allowances. The official announcement was made

The Government will today adopt an emergency ordinance to delay the doubling of children's allowances until the first budgetary rectification. Even then, the level of growth will be decided according to the evolution of state revenues. The announcement was made last night by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, according to Radio Romania Actualités.

The doubling of the children's allowance will be postponed until July 1st, when the first budgetary rectification will take place, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said last night. Although there is a desire to implement this approach, it is impossible, because there is no money in the budget, the prime minister said.

The law comes into force after the state budget law, according to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban. In the law of the state budget we have not included the necessary amounts, which are quite large, there are over six billion lei, to support this measure. Moreover, we are not allowed, constitutionally and legally, to generate expenses without a source in the budget law.

But after the rectification the allowances will be increased according to the evolutions of the Romanian economy, said Ludovic Orban, who said that delaying the doubling of allowances will be one of the topics of government meetings today.

Ludovic Orban: "We will increase the allowances as much as the budgetary resources allow them, because, to remember that there is a pension law, that there is a wage law, that must be put into practice and we are responsible people who do not allow us to commit expenses only to the extent that financial resources exist. "

Also today the government would decide how to promote the change of the law of local elections, so as to re-elect the mayors in two rounds, a procedure considered more democratic by liberals and other parliamentary formations, writes The variant of adopting an emergency ordinance is also considered, but the commitment of the executive's responsibility on this subject is not excluded.


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