Fruits that "melt" fat and fight hypertension and gout. They are abundant of vitamins and have few calories

Fruits that "melt" fat and fight hypertension and gout. They are abundant of vitamins and have few calories

Agrişele, considered to be the wonderful fruits to regain the vitality of the body, have a strong antioxidant effect and multiple benefits on the immune system.

Agri (Ribes grossularia) is a shrub, which belongs to the family grossulariaceae, the order saxifragales, of the species grossularia, being related to currant. It originates in Europe, Northwest Africa, West, South and Southeast Asia. Grows in the form of bushes with a height of maturity between 60 and 150 cm. In our country, bush groves meet in the subalpine and alpine areas and in the forests. The plant can also be cultivated, starting to produce fruit 2-3 years after planting, which is successfully processed in the food industry.

The branches are thorny and the leaves are hairy. Flowers are in the form of a green or red bell, small in size, appear at the base of the leaves in April and May. Fruits, known as chili, are edible and have a sweet-sour taste. Reduced in size, ovoid or even spherical, the color can be greenish, yellowish, white, reddish or even violet dark to black. Harvesting is done throughout the summer.

The important active substances are: vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and P, calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, acids – pectins, according to Squids have few calories, only 70 in 150 grams, but are very rich in soluble fiber. A portion of 100 grams of gooseberry supplies nearly a quarter of an adult's vitamin C daily requirement.

These fruits, rich in mineral salts and vitamins, also have a high medicinal value. In native practice, and not only there is a cake of gooseberries, consuming in detoxification belts, up to 1 kg of bacon per day. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for about 3000 years. For the purpose of phytotoxicity, the fruit is used.

Due to the potassium content, the brussels act on blood pressure, strengthen the health of the nervous system and support a good circulation of blood, according to the site In current medical practice, brussels are used for their laxative and depurative properties due to their high fiber content. Agriss are also recommended in slimming belts. They also have effects in rheumatic, gout and heart disease. Being rich in flavonoids and anthocyanidins, brussels reduce cholesterol and support the cardiovascular system. At the same time, I am a good regulator of digestive and hepatic activity, as well as a natural and effective diuretic. It can be considered a real medicine for biliary bladder.

These fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, containing 20 times more vitamin C than oranges, being beneficial for treating colds and being a perfect tonic for the days when we feel tired and energy-free. Noodles can successfully treat respiratory problems, and nutrients contained help in absorbing vitamins, minerals and proteins in daily food. It treats anemia, stimulates appetite and supports the metabolic process. Agrişs maintain healthy kidneys and prevent urinary and uterine infections with antibacterial properties. Fruit juice is useful for improving vision, reducing the risk of cataracts or hypermetropia, and macular degeneration. Noodles are an excellent remedy against eye diseases.

Consumption of these fruits brings important benefits to female fertility and protection of the entire reproductive apparatus. Agriss are also used in the treatment of chronic candidiasis and are indicated in the treatment of bacterial and parasitic infections. They maintain healthy skin through high vitamin C, which contributes to collagen production, and the antioxidants in the composition combat the effect of free radicals. Agrişele have an anti-aging role. Ginger powder helps as facial treatment in removing baskets and acne, giving us a skin that radiates health. They favor the formation of red blood cells and a cucumber cure is also recommended for the strengthening of sensitive nails and teeth, according to the site of

Due to their rich content of vitamins and mineral salts, bacon is recommended for children's nutrition, being the fruits of the summer holidays spent in the mountains.

Tea is prepared from tea, ideal for being included in the diet of people suffering from diabetes, because it helps to normalize the blood sugar level by stimulating insulin secretion, according to

Agrişul is contraindicated in case of allergies to the fruits of the shrub. Pregnant women should consume bacon with caution, as they can cause problems in pregnancy.

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