Full Moon of the "Harvest" in Pisces, rare circumstance

Full Moon of the "Harvest" in Pisces, rare circumstance

The full moon in the sign of the Fishes takes place on the night of September 13 to 14 and is an event full of energy and emotional charge.

The Full Moon in Fish will be very close to the planets Neptune and Mars and is called the Full Moon of Harvest.

Approaching these planets speaks to us about precision and an amazing connection. Everything that will happen in our life will have a profound emotional component.

We will be surrounded by energy and hope, but also by change, because both Virgo and Fish are considered movable signs.

Things are not as solid as we would like. We do not feel as safe as we would like, because we are traveling in a period with too much mobile energy.

Instead, we have adaptability, according to astrologer Nadiya Shah. We can understand what is happening, what options we have, we can choose from a multitude of options.

The energy of the fish is super emotional. This is how we will be. The fish are sponsored by Neptune, the god of the sea. Just as the sea is constantly changing, with an alternation between big and small waves, we feel the flow.

Mars is intense and will amplify the changeable aspects. Such a situation is rare. It has not happened since October 2000 and will take place only in August 2049. But it favors finding answers, inspiration. This full moon is called the Harvest, so it will depend on us what we harvest and what does not.

In a great move, it will be difficult, but rewarding to gather your answers and solutions to your problems.

So, with the Full Moon, we have the opportunity in the second half of September to gather fruit and make significant changes.

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