Healthy and delicious butter. You make him home, just two ingredients

Healthy and delicious butter. You make him home, just two ingredients

You will not buy butter from the store once you see how easy you can do at home, just two ingredients

House butter or butter bought in the store? It may seem very complicated, but find out that it is within reach for everyone and can only be made from two ingredients.

House butter is rich in vitamin A, with proven benefits for teeth, tissues, membranes, skin and eyes.

In addition to organic, commercial butter may contain TRANS or pasteurized milk.

Here's how you can prepare a delicious and healthy butter home. You need:

  • 500 g whole fat cream
  • Sea salt

How is it prepared

Bring the fat cream to room temperature, not directly from the refrigerator. Mix the cream a few minutes to get a viscous texture, a dense cream and continue until it becomes granular. Then this composition must be left out.

Gather all the cream from the edge of the bowl by helping you with a silicone utensil.

Dense cream resulting from mixing is put in a draped gauze to drain whey. A fat cream will not have much whey, so it's important to choose the top quality ingredient with a fat of over 40%.

If the cream is fluid, after you "beat" it and choose the butter, put everything in a gauze and let the whey drain.

Once it's just a creamy part in the gauze, assemble it in a desired shape and put it cold. Attention, salt is optional. If you want a salty butter, add it in the composition before it is frozen.

Moreover, depending on the taste of each one, you can enrich it with the aromatic herbs, the ones you prefer.

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