Heimlich maneuver step by step. How to give first aid to someone who drowned

Heimlich maneuver step by step. How to give first aid to someone who drowned

More than 100,000 people die annually in the world because of choking or other tracheal objects. The Heimlich maneuver, introduced in 1974, saved thousands of victims from asphyxiation. Here's how to perform this maneuver correctly and what other methods you can apply to other frequent accidents.

The savior will be placed behind the suffocating person and will place one of the legs between the victim's lower limbs and then apply a punch to the victim's abdomen, on top of the navel below the sternum. The savior will grab his fist tightly with the other hand and push the abdomen, letting himself back and pulling concurrently up quickly with the force so that the other's feet rise a little from the ground. Strong compression of the diaphragm will cause the lungs to expel the remaining air, the obstacle being pushed outward. If the object did not come out first, repeat the procedure until it is successful or until the victim fails.

A person can also apply his own Heimlich maneuver or he can lean over the back of a chair, rhythmically, forcefully and abruptly pressing the diaphragm until the alien body comes out.

If asphyxia has led to loss of consciousness, the person is placed on the ground, and until the arrival of the ambulance, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including compressions at the chest, occurs. Each time the airways are open, it is checked whether the foreign object has reached the mouth or throat, eventually removing it.

If the victim is a baby put the baby face down on his forearm holding his head with the palm of the same hand so that it is lower than the chest. The baby's mouth must be free, placed between the fingers, and the neck unmolested.

Apply to the back of the baby, between the shoulders, four to five firm kicks with the open palm. If the object does not come out, the child is turned upside-down, keeping his head in place, and positioning himself on the savior's tight legs. Apply the ring and the middle right under the sternum and press it five times by acting briefly from the bottom up. If the foreign object can be seen in the mouth, it must be gently extracted with the fingers. If, despite these maneuvers, the object did not come out, the ambulance must be called and the resuscitation continued.

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