Hemorrhoidal disease never passes by itself. Warn of the expert

Hemorrhoidal disease never passes by itself. Warn of the expert

Hemorrhoids worsen on vacation. What are the explanations and recommendations of doctors

Long journeys to distant destinations with hours of uncomfortable hours of car, train, airplane, "traveler constipation", which suffers about 80% of the population when changing the environment, drinking alcohol in the evening, on terraces, and unlimited food in all-inclusive style – these are just a few of the factors that aggravate hemorrhoidal illness during the holidays.

Dr. Dan Andronesi, primary surgeon at OK Medical, explains broadly what are the biggest mistakes patients make on summer holidays, why hemorrhoids are complicated, and what are the recommendations that we need to keep in mind.

"People who suffer from hemorrhoids must first take care of the road. The long hours spent on the seat of the means of transport with which they travel are an aggravating factor. When we sit far in the bottom, blood swells in the lower areas, which affects hemorrhoidal disease. Associated with obesity, a compression is made at the level of important vessels, resulting in a stasis in the pelvic area. I recommend the breaks in the hour in which to get up, take a few steps, put our blood on the move. It is very important because it changes our static and venous circulation, "explains the expert.

Once you arrive at your destination, great attention to food! "Traveler's constipation" is a problem that suffers more than 80% of the adult population. It occurs because of the change of environment, home routine, bath, due to copious meals, rich in protein and fat. On holiday, few are the ones who eat whole grains of yogurt for breakfast or a light salad for dinner at dinner. And the postponement of the need to go to the toilet, because of the unpredictable program, with excursions or exits with the group of friends, also favors constipation.

"Strong scars scratch the mucosa and haemorrhoidal veins, complications such as pain, anal fissures, thrombosis, bleeding, even rectal prolapse occur. Then, the removal effort puts additional pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins, which dilate and become inflamed. Constipation leads to complications in the advancement of hemorrhoids. To prevent it, I recommend using fiber. They stimulate peristalsis and help us have a normal intestinal transit, a normal chair. Fibers are found in fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, flaxseed, psyllium bran, etc., "says Dr. Andronesi.

Also to prevent constipation is vital hydration with flat water, herbal teas, soups and fresh fruit juices. In summer holidays, on our travels under the sun, we sweat, and the risk of dehydration is infinitely higher than in ordinary office days. "Hydration is very important. If we do not drink enough, we will have a concentrated urine and a strong chair because the body is trying to recover the water from where it is, including the colon, "the doctor cautions. Hydration does not mean morning coffee or beer glasses in the evenings on the terrace. They are still liquid, but they dehydrate. Moreover, alcohol, consumed with more relaxation on vacation, has other negative effects on hemorrhoids. "Alcohol also aggravates hemorrhoids, knowing that it produces vasodilatation in both the blood vessels and the hemorrhoidal veins. Patients notice and report that after periods when they consume more alcohol, there are changes and complications in the anus. "

Last but not least, we all need to be very careful about where we buy food, where we drink water and how we carry the sandwiches with us warmly. In the summer, the risk of food spoilage is much higher, and from here to food poisoning is just one step. Apart from ruining the beauty of the holiday, such a digestive problem is left with diarrhea chairs, which also aggravate the hemorrhoids. "In the diarrhea, the stool is more acidic and irritates the mucous membranes of the colon and anus, changes the vasculature and complications occur, decompensations of the hemorrhoids," says surgeon Dan Andronesi.

However, if hemorrhoids worsen on vacation, do not delay the proctologist's visit, because hemorrhoidal disease never passes by itself. And now there are modern, minimally invasive, painless treatments with a very high success rate and minimal recurrence risk, such as elastic ligatures combined with infrared photothermocoagulation.

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