Herbal spirits help to weaken, lower blood fats, and relieve stress

Herbal spirits help to weaken, lower blood fats, and relieve stress

Tea cleanses the arteries, helps weaken it and is a good therapy against stress. Nutritionists recommend it to those with high cholesterol, people with weight problems, but also those who suffer from insomnia.

A good sedative for the nervous system

Green tea or hibiscus tea, white tea or camomile tea are assortments that help you reduce your blood fat. At the same time, they speed up metabolism, helping to weaken it.
For calming, lime, lavender, valerian, coriander, mint, fennel, hawthorn and root hops are recommended. Unlike coffee, tea does not increase the tension and does not excite the nervous system. And hearts can benefit from these "sedatives" as they irrigate the blood vessels.

Seasonings can fill your taste

Nutritionists recommend boiled teas instead of bottled ones to avoid excess calories and sugar. Of all types of tea are considered pure teas: green, black, oolong white and pu-erh.

For the morning, black tea is recommended because it has caffeine and revitalizes, and for the rest of the day, you can try green tea, a good tonic for the body. You can combine it with rose petals, lemon and spices. You will get a whole fan of flavors. Teas can be seasoned with pepper, cloves and cinnamon, the taste being special.

Beneficial for the lungs exposed to cigarette smoke

Obtained from fermented leaves, black tea contains the highest caffeine concentration. It is beneficial for lungs exposed to cigarette smoke and reduces the risk of brain damage. About white tea specialists say it has the most anti-cancer properties and is good for weight loss, and the green one that prevents clogging of the arteries, reduces the risk of memory and heart attacks.

Studies also show that green tea can be helpful in treating problems with the bladder, stomach or pancreas. Pu-erh tea is obtained from aged and fermented leaves. An animal study has shown that puerh tea is similar to black tea and helps lower weight and cholesterol levels.

Unlike coffee, tea contains no fat. When coffee is gradually warming, two compounds, gasol and cafestol are released, which make it tastier and even more unhealthy, the main risk being the increase in fat in the blood. In tea, there is no such risk. As a sweetener, honey is the best solution.

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