Here's how to help your body fight the summer cold

Here's how to help your body fight the summer cold

Here's how to help your body fight the summer cold

If the flu does not feel its presence in the summer season, we can not say the same about cold. Often, we are cold for various reasons. But a number of preventive measures can help prevent colds.

First, cold is the first sign of a weakened body. Either you do not get enough rest, or you do not eat the right way or the less healthy habits.

Here's how you can help your body if you've cooled:

  • Sleep well enough and rest!
  • Eat fruit as much as you can.
  • Drink tea and lime tea, ideally two cups a day.
  • You can make alternative cold / cold showers to boost your immunity.
  • Take vitamin C in optimal amounts.
  • It is also helpful for you. Either you take it as pills, or drink echinacea tea with lots of lemon.
  • Manuka honey has extraordinary effects on a weakened body, according to some studies. So you can take a teaspoon of honey daily or as your family doctor recommends.
  • Do not stay in the air, not during the cooling period.

What are the main causes of summer colds:

  • Air conditioning set at temperatures too low and our habit of getting out of cold to hot too fast.
  • Being extremely hot we tend to drink too cold drinks. This increases the chances of making a pharyngitis or even an otitisance in the summer.
  • Excessive ice cream consumption.

The main symptoms of summer cold are:

  • the onset is sudden,
  • the cough appears accentuated,
  • headache but also muscle,
  • often these are accompanied by stomach pain and nausea or even vomiting.

The good news is that, as a rule, cold does not last for more than a week. Otherwise or if complications occur, go to the doctor for evaluation and treatment. There is a risk of bacterial superinfection and urgently needed medication.

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