Hot bread, how good to eat and what dangers it hides

Hot bread, how good to eat and what dangers it hides

Hot bread is, without a doubt, a culinary temptation. The scent of smell and sensational taste can cause us, if we are hungry, to consume much more than we consume if the bread is cold.

Nutritionists warn about the dangers of eating hot bread.

First, observe your condition after you consume such a product. Everyone balloons if they eat hot bakery products, it is not a myth.

Moreover, hot bread is more difficult to digest than a one-day old one. The explanation is as follows: the core of a warm loaf is more sticky and therefore harder to turn by gastric juices.

In addition, "warm" bread contains more starch, an element that favors bloating and fermentations in the colon.

Nutritionists do not encourage the consumption of warm bread, and even recommend it for one day. In addition, pay attention to what bread you buy. Sometimes it can be full of microbes, if you choose unpacked, a product that can be touched is not recommended. Ideal is to prepare your bread in the house, it is a very easy thing to do and you can choose your favorite flour, you can add seeds that you like and in this way you will have the guarantee of your own, qualitative and without bazaconii.

Recipe for the Smallest House Bread

Flour (1 kg), 500 ml water, dry yeast 2 tablespoons or 50 g fresh yeast, 4 tablespoons oil, 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Put the lukewarm water, yeast, a little flour, and sugar into the leaven, activate the yeast, which will inflate the contents and catch the look of the holes.

The oil and salt and the remaining flour are incorporated after the yeast flour has grown slightly (about 20 minutes).

It is well chopped, left to grow for about 1 hour, after which the coke is shaped into shapes and baked.

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