Hot water diet. Incredibly beneficial and easy to maintain. What should you do

Hot water diet. Incredibly beneficial and easy to maintain. What should you do

The hot water diet, when it should and should be, can do wonders, just as it can be dangerous when we overdo it.

So you need to know more about how to do it correctly and what regimen you should follow. A glass of hot water drank on an empty stomach helps to lose pounds faster and healthier than other weight loss methods. Simple and cheap!

The hot water diet comes from traditional Chinese medicine and involves the consumption of hot water, no more than a glass at first, with small swallows, for a week, in the morning, on an empty stomach, as soon as we wake up.

The diet is so simple and effective that it can raise doubts.

Once the stomach is empty, the warm water will be easily absorbed into the blood. In just a few minutes, she will wash all the organs affected by the residue. Treatment is indicated in all digestive, hepatic, renal, neurological, circulatory and cancer conditions.

The extra kilos disappear quickly with this diet, which does not imply neither starvation, cancellation of meals nor replacement with more hot water.

In addition to the obvious therapeutic effect, water consumption also helps with beauty. It gives the skin glow, it strengthens the hair, it prevents the skin from aging.

Water really plays an essential role in the optimal functioning of the body, but only as an integral part of a balanced diet. Without water, the body becomes dysfunctional and cannot function normally for more than two days.

It is known that without water the body gets to have serious problems, which will be reflected in states of dizziness and fainting, decreased blood pressure, but also neurological disorders.

When we breathe we become aware of the importance of water to our body. In the cold season, however, we almost forget about hydration, although the body is in great need to keep warm.

Without water, we cannot talk about optimal digestion of food and no efficient brain activity. Water has the unique property of solvent, conveyor, thermoregulator, lubricant.

In this treatment, the liquid should be at room temperature or a little warm, and naturally, if possible, plain water or spring water.

Also, the water must be of quality, possibly purified, the source being superior. In order to have the guarantee that it is good, we must ensure that it comes from unpolluted areas, not to be older than 4-5 days. The best springs are those in the mountain area.

The cure implies that, immediately after waking up, drink a small glass of water, with small swallows. Do not eat and then drink for 15 minutes. In time, the number of glasses can be supplemented, but no more than four glasses. The cure is maintained twice a year, 15 days each.

However, if the cure concerns a particular condition, it can be prolonged by up to 30-45 days. The kidney has the capacity to filter about 5 liters per day, but 2 liters per day are sufficient for our body to hydrate.

The first effect will be felt in the urine, which will change its color and odor, becoming more open.

The whole body will give signs of reinvigoration, so that after only a day of hot water treatment, constipation, headaches, coughing, bronchitis resolve.

From the second day the stomach pains disappear, the effects of hyperacidity, gastritis diminish, and after another five days uro-genital diseases, rheumatism are alleviated. One month of hot water treatment solves problems with hypertension, diabetes, but also early stage cancer. Lung tuberculosis, paralysis, cancer are said to cure in three months.

However, the treatment is not recommended for people with renal or heart failure, glaucoma, brain tumors.

Also, during the treatment, it is good that the diet is lacto-vegetarian and less salty, and the consumption of alcohol must be stopped.

It is recommended, at the same time, moderate consumption of fruits, but high consumption of vegetables. Observe the three main meals and do not eat after 8pm.

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