Hotilor Oil, the miraculous liqueur, why use it daily

Hotilor Oil, the miraculous liqueur, why use it daily

Hoist oil is a remedy discovered, indeed, by chance, a real antidote for viruses and immunity. How do you prepare the miracle wonders for health?

This oil has an interesting story, but it explains its amazing efficacy. The recipe dates back to the Middle Ages, where this miraculous mixture of French thieves protected them from plague.

They covered rosemary, cloves and other aromatic plants to keep the plague away and even succeeded.

The recipe was used by traders, and antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties kept them away from the pandemic that affected so many people.

The Thieves' Story

In the early 1990s, Gary Young studied essential oils and recreated a mix that he was researching. According to Gary, there are 17 different versions of the thievery recipe, each containing a different amount of oil.

This intrigued Gary and set out to achieve the perfect blend of thieves' oil, according to a daily use.

He studied in detail the properties of the oils in the lists he had found. Thus, he recreated the current version of a prescription that kept serious distant illness, vertically increasing immunity.

"Thieves" were 15th-century merchants who brought various spices from India to Europe, including cinnamon and cloves.

When bubonic plague broke out, traffic was interrupted, and traders had to take care of themselves.

Not knowing what they were selling, they reprofiled on the goods found on the plague-affected corpses. Clothes, jewels, everything that could have brought them money. Because they knew much about the amazing properties of the spices and oils they were selling, they used this knowledge to protect themselves from the plague.

Their success reached the ears of the king, who wanted to know the secret: what did they do without getting sick?

So the King has given them choice: either to say the secret, or to be burned!

Of course they have revealed the secret, and the rest is self-evident. The recipe was forwarded.


40 drops of essential oil of cloves

35 drops essential oil of lemon

20 drops of essential cinnamon oil

15 drops essential oil of eucalyptus

10 drops essential oil of rosemary

A 15 ml bottle will contain approximately 255 drops, and a 5 ml bottle will contain about 85 drops.

Store the container in a dark, cool place and use the oil daily. Be either local or broadcast, plus you'll have a bonus: the gorgeous smell!

Broadcast, you will remove all unpleasant odors from the house and help your lungs and sinuses. Drop 15-20 drops for 15 minutes, 3, 4 times a day, and you will do wonders for your respiratory system.

If you add the drops to a mixture of lukewarm water, you will naturally disinfect all surfaces. Do not spray directly and undiluted, do not use on pets.

You can put 2 miraculous drops in your body oil, grapefruit, jojoba, coconut or avocado seeds and you can eat your legs, lumbar area, joints, but in body oil, never apply essential oils directly on skin.

You will increase your immunity by rubbing your feet daily in this way.

This oil of thieves is also a repellent, but it also calms the insect bites, so with a moisturizing oil, in which you drop a few drops of magical mixture.

Internally, just a drop of such oil in the bottle of 2 liters of water that you eat throughout the day to improve digestive and immune systems.

If your neck hurts, you can make a gargle with water and a drop of oil.


Essential oils are very strong, do not use in large quantities, do not swallow, do not apply to undiluted skin! They are not used around the mucous membranes.

* Even diluted, may cause allergic reactions. This article is informative and educational, does not replace specialist medical advice.

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