How bad can a job we do not love! The disastrous effects revealed by a known psychologist

How bad can a job we do not love! The disastrous effects revealed by a known psychologist

A well-known psychologist reveals the serious repercussions at the mental level if we have a job we do not go with.

It is so important for our mental health to have a job to love, as we do not even realize.

In a deeply consumerist society, specialists think it's not important what you're working on, but how you work. At school many learn what we are taught, others, clever, learn how to practice what we are taught. The latter teach the process of practice, adaptability and creativity, the first only teaching or information.

Alexandru Plesea

In the opinion of psychologist Alexandru Plesea, known to the public opinion as the Coach of the Mind, in ancient times work was a privilege to know your being and to help the community, tribe or family, and in our times, because we do not know how to work, we do not know each other or we no longer help either our community or the family; and this is because we often do not have a direction of our work, because we do not know the mechanism of operation.

"To learn how to work, we need to know some human laws. Not those of common sense that have always been in our head, but those of human functionality. Human laws are in sacred textbooks, in all religions, and show the great possibility of human behavior. Thus, we see that today, instead of behaving with Love in a Job, helping one another by learning from each other, we follow only the Interest – that it is fashionable, fashionable and that's so in Business. The direction is as good as the uncooked milk in the refrigerator. Jobs are opening, there are more and more people are closing down. Every job has a man, if he does it only in the interest, he will bore him if he does for a certain inner virtue, then he will energize him constantly, "explains psychologist Alexandru Plesea.

8 things that teach us how to work better and especially make us feel good

1. Do not think about a task (that's hard or easy), but just looking to go further in its depth – do it as well as you can.

2. Create a start and finish ritual of the working day. Ex: sacred words, prayer, sings, sunscreen, hug, gratitude for someone, etc.

3. Stop the mind that goes elsewhere, keep your attention just what you have before you, whatever you work on. Plans are done after work or for the evening before you close your eyes.

4. Feel yourself in yourself when you work. Through this you will turn every personal pride or vanity into dignity and humility.

5.Any work, learn by discipline, with its suffering with everything.

6.What do you work is not who you are (all current science is saying, their job)

7. You do not have to love what you work, you have to know that you do it while you do it. If you see your mind thinking, emotion working or making your hands, then see the reality of your work, here begins the way to virtue.

8. By work you have the chance to grow that man, enormously. Only if you want this direction. Everything makes sense unless you learn something from it. The more you learn now, the more you learn in the future.

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