How dangerous is the shoulder pain. Can announce lung cancer and heart disease

How dangerous is the shoulder pain. Can announce lung cancer and heart disease

Prof. univ. Dr. Adriana Sarah Nica, physician specializing in balneology, physical medicine and medical recovery, head of department at the Medical Rehabilitation Clinic III I.NR.M.F.B. Bucharest specifies where pain is located, which are the main causes of shoulder pain and what should be done when we have shoulder pain.

We need to see if the shoulder pain really holds musculo-capsulo-ligamentous structures, it keeps the joint or it is a neighborhood pain, so it can come from the cervical area or it can be an irradiated pain that comes from within the body , is a visceral component.

It can even come from a thoracic cancer, a lung cancer that can affect the pleura, and when it affects the pleura, the patient can accuse a pain on that side and everyone develops it and treats it as a common joint pain, and periarticular, but it is actually the signal of an extremely serious pathogen.

Why lung cancer occurs and what are the first symptoms you can find from the LiveDoc interview with Dr. Magdalena Ciobanu, a pneumologist.

The shoulder joint is an area that hangs and the joint that we see and move more to the shoulder: the scapular-humeral joint, where the humeral head, which has a round shape, pivots in the cavity and gives it great mobility. The most important moves are: the movement of the shoulder to the front and the lateral movement. These are extremely important moves for our everyday activities and which, through permanent and sometimes over-demanding types, end up damaging the underlying structures and representing the anatomical-functional support, in fact all the elements involved and structures at the level of the previous chest. These are more tangled joints, but which give a degree of extra mobility in the context in which the patient moves his shoulder, or posterior structures because of the scapula – the thoracic posterior triangular bone – mobilizes with the shoulder and gives him an important degree of movement .

So, here's the things on the shoulder are rather complicated and they should also analyzed in the context of the age and in the context in which the patient is asked: is something else beyond your shoulder pain? Because if it's a pain in the left shoulder it is possible to be a atypical angina crisis, and if there is a pain in shoulder straight it might be the onset of a biliary colic or a biliary pain of a certain kind, with certain evolutionary peculiarities that occasionally alert the patient and accuse some pain in his right shoulder.

So here's the color of pain in the shoulder is extremely different and can only go from affecting the soft parts of the shoulder joint complex or they can be in a connection of digestive disease or heart disease. Or, in a systemic context, we are talking about neoplasm, systemic illness, polyarthritis or other categories of disease with severe potential for evolution. That is why when we have a painful shoulder in front of us we look into his eyes and try to see the dimensions of suffering.

So the shoulder should never be treated as a triviality. And, secondly, it is the dysfunctional aspect, because a shoulder pain determines the patient to sit down on the shoulder and climbs with difficulty and develops the various activities with difficulty, slowly. This self-protection leads to functional impairment of the structures in the shoulder area and a capsule develops retractable which no longer hurts so much, but the patient can no longer function as the world.

How can we alleviate pain in the first phase until we get to a doctor?

The Romanian has a march: whenever a knee hits, a shoulder, a hand, quickly, quickly puts on heat. Not always hot application in the painful area is welcome. If pain has two components, it hurts over the day at various maneuvers or types of stress, but it hurts and overnight, it is preferable to put cold.

cryotherapy,which is a local procedure, but applied by tattooing, initially with a cold humid compression of 10 minutes, a quarter hour, half an hour, after which we can also apply local ice for 5-10 minutes by crawling, may be at kind of favorable as well as the hot application, which is only applied to the pain that occurs over the day.

So when there is an inflammatory reaction at the shoulder, local heat is not applied, but a special cold form that can go from cold wet compression to ice application or ice cream – teach the patient.There are, however, patients who have contraindications for this type of application, such as patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

How can we prevent shoulder pain?

If it is determined by a problem related to the musculo-capsulo-ligament structures in the shoulder vicinity, there are various programs of special maintenance exercises. So, when we feel a weakness on the shoulder or a pain, it would be great to investigate further and find out the cause. Avoid overloading and awkward working positions for a long time.

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