How do we improve muscle mass?

How do we improve muscle mass?

It's hot summer, but you still want to be in shape. And you run! It's very good and healthy, but sometimes you can inadvertently suffer a muscle stretch. I know, you thought muscle stretches occur more frequently in the winter, but it's not like that. And in the summer you can fix yourself with such a medical problem.

Most of the time, muscle stretching occurs when the muscle is overstressed or broken. This may occur amid a strain of muscle. Usually, muscle spasms are localized most commonly in the lower back, neck, shoulders, and popliteal tendon, i.e. the back muscles of the thigh. These must be treated seriously, they require rest and require a long recovery period.

Muscle stretches give serious pain

Most times stretches give pain and limit mobility. If it is a mild or moderate stretch, it can be treated at home. You have to rest, keep your foot upright, put ice on the affected area, and take anti-inflammatory drugs on recommendation to your doctor or pharmacist. Careful! Severe muscle spasms require specialist care. They also require treatment. In particular, if stretching is followed by severe pain, high inflammation and ecchymosis, you need to get to the hospital for an X-ray emergency. You may have a fractured bone.

Here are the signs and symptoms of muscle stretching:

Symptoms have their onset suddenly, spontaneously, practically as soon as the accident happened. The affected area is inflamed, there is a bruise at the painful site, there are muscular spasms but also the swelling of the affected area. The slight stretching symptoms disappear within a few weeks, but the severe ones may last for several months until total healing occurs.

What are the causes:

Physicians claim that a muscle stretch may occur as a result of injuries or traumas. The causes are different. For example: unsufficiently heated before physical activity, slippage, unbalance. At the same time, it is possible to choose with a muscular stretch whether in your office, in the chair, you keep your neck or back in a wrong position for a long time.

How To Treat Muscle Stretch:

Most of the time, muscle stretches can be treated at home. You have to relax and even if the pain is not great, the effort and the movement will only aggravate the problem. Be careful not to exaggerate with rest, because too much rest can lead to weakening of the muscle. That's why after three days you can easily and easily use your affected muscles. It also puts the ice on the affected area, because it will reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain. You can protect your joint and reduce inflammation with an elastic bandage that you can purchase from the pharmacy.

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