How do you come back from Easter food and how you stay on the right path

The Easter holiday is the last great holiday before the summer season, the last cry before the days you have to put on your swimsuit. Perhaps you do not have a bikini body, that is, the physically working room you proudly display on the beach, but anyway, all women make a small plan to get rid of at least 5 pounds before they get naked Beach.

Well, the preparations are in a straight line. Here are some tips from nutritionists and coaches to help you get back to Easter after any excess food and stay that way.

Some golden rules to be in a harmonious physical form until summer

Goodbye, sugar. It can be a painful parting, but it's the only surest recipe to look good until summer. Ready with chocolate bars as a snack, ready with the morning donut, ready for the lunch dessert. It takes an exercise of will, if you want enough, you will see that it can also live without sugar. It's hard in the first few days, but you can replace the hypermarket snacks with fruit. Try fruit berries, pineapple, strawberries, apples, are the most friendly in terms of glycemic index.

Pretty good, alcohol. Give up today to alcohol drinks, they just stop stagnating in weight loss.

Good-bye, carbonated drinks. To look good at the beach, start today and drink plenty of water. Just water. Possibly lukewarm and morning with lemon. The water will wonders in your body and will help you achieve your purpose, an orderly life, and a harmonious body.

Eat breakfast. Do not jump over this important meal and make it from healthy and protein menus. A boiled egg or omelette, yogurt or yogurt with chia seeds.

He does not eat after 8 in the evening. Give your digestion time, so you can have a restful sleep, essential in the process of slimming.

These are the basic rules that clearly help you accelerate your metabolism and get rid of overweight.

Consume fish at least twice a week, make excess vegetables and cook as healthy as possible. If you follow these tips, plus 30 minutes of daily exercise, it will be impossible not to regain your physical tone. So at work, after many culinary delights.

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