How do you get your belly down after 40 years. Nutritionist: "Never eat meat with …"

How do you get your belly down after 40 years. Nutritionist: "Never eat meat with ..."

The stomach is not a curse but the result of choosing to sit more on the couch, but also to say "YES" too many processed foods.

In adolescence, metabolism burns calories more like a Diesel engine, and food mistakes, one extra beer, one midnight amandine or a portion of fried potatoes with mujdei, or clinging to the needle of the scales.
But every year of maturation seems to increase weight, and most adults wake up in the vicious circle of diets: they stammered, weakened a little, and gave up quickly, throwing themselves into the rows of calming temptations. Others are convinced that moderation is the key to success and they do not want to give up even the head of sweets, alcohol and fat.
One of the most important studies on the subject, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2011, proves the opposite. Based on over 120,000 people aged between 33 and 60, over 20 years, a study suggests that some bad habits, such as eating processed foods, are at the base of fattening.
A single portion of chips was associated with a pound fat every four years, a portion of fried potatoes with two kilograms, and one of processed meat or juice, half a pound.

Smart combinations and daily motion

And Romanian specialists agree that the way of combining food makes the difference between a slim and a full-grown adult.
"The simple way we can maintain a healthy weight is to observe meal times and combining rules. Never place meat near carbohydrates such as rice or potatoes, but near a vegetable lining. And the latter go best with cheeses and dairy products, "explains Dr. Bogdan Guinea, an emergency medical doctor and nutrition consultant. According to him, breakfast should be taken between 7 am and 9 am, lunch between 13:00 and 14:00 and dinner no later than 20:00. Two snacks consisting of fruits, vegetables or a glass of yogurt are also allowed at 11.00 and 17.00.
"About 80% of Romania's intellectuals are jumping over breakfast, although they are informed people. The average man must understand that he has to eat regularly so that he does not eat in the forbidden foods. The portions should be normal, 200 grams of chicken in one half of the palm, and instead of two courses at a table, as it is customary for us, we have only one, "he says.
Over time, healthy eating becomes a second nature and the body rejects everything that does not do well: "I have patients in the cabinet who, after a month and a half of the regime change, say they simply can not eat pizza, they get sick. "
The nutritionist, however, points out that, without a program of movement, the pounds will be much more difficult, which is also the main reason for fattening after retirement age. "As long as you are hired, you do more physical exercise, no matter how much or little, you still burn some calories. But many pensioners suffer from sedentary disease, they stay all day with the remote control in their hands, "says the specialist.

Excesses are rare even before 4pm

Adults and elderly people do not even have to put their foot in a gym to sweat, it is enough to deretice through the house or to take long walks with children or pets. A table published on the Harvard Medical School website shows that a 70-pound person burns 260 calories by rearranging furniture through the apartment and 167 calories washing the car or windows. Some indulgences (a slice of cake or a hamburger) are allowed,
but not more than two per week and only before 16.00, says Bogdan Guinea nutrition expert.

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