How do you prepare your car for a big earthquake. In case of major earthquake, it becomes your refuge

How do you prepare your car for a big earthquake. In case of major earthquake, it becomes your refuge

The earthquake shakes ourselves, but also figuratively. It is recommended that you be prepared at any time for emergencies.

Romania has not been confronted for many years with a strong earthquake, fortunately. But if we deny a situation, it does not mean we can even avoid it. That's why it's good to think about what we would do if we were in a situation of serious earthquake.

The car can be a haven if an earthquake drives us out of the houses. The specialists have compiled a list of the necessary needs to have in the car in the event of a big earthquake.

We have to store in the car non-perishable food, canned, dehydrated fruits, soup in the envelope, kettle.

Absolutely water! A couple of bottles of water. Fuel. Make sure you do not go with the empty tank, it's good to warm yourself by leaving the engine open. And for that, yes, you should never miss the fuel.

Beds, especially since winter knocks on the door. If the car allows you, keep two folding beds or at least folding chairs.

Inverter. Ideally, it does not hurt to have a power inverter in the car that turns 12 volts into 220. So you can load various accessories, use a laptop, illuminate a camp, or load multiple phones at the same time. It's like having a home outlet, the only difference is that you need to start the car engine to get the battery back on, because an inverter will consume the battery quickly standing still.

Phone. The Americans, survival experts and preparation for apocalypse, have in their survival kit and an old, not Smart smart phone that keeps the battery for weeks, along with a list of useful phones and those of their acquaintances plus a new SIM card . So, if they lose their own phone, they have a means of communicating with other family members. A phone is good to keep in the car, and today there are such classical buttons with new buttons at less than 100 lei in any electronics store.

Thick clothing, portable radio, flashlight, raincoat, rubber boots. That would be strictly necessary, a trained man can save his life, but he can save many other lives. Panic and despair do not help, who lived in 1977 earthquake knows what total panic.

And make sure you have a first-aid kit with everything you need in emergency situations!

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