How do you stay longer in bed? Three useful tips for all men

Do not you have time to make love? Here's how long it takes for a successful game to last

How do you stay longer in bed? Three useful tips for all men

Do you want your love parties to last longer Try Viagra! It's not a joke, especially if you are a man suffering from early ejaculation or erection problems.

If you do not have these problems and still want to extend the duration of your intimate documents, Men's Health publishers offer you three useful techniques.

1. Take a break
If you build your excitement to the point where you can not turn around, you can end quickly. Take it slowly and if you feel close to climax, take a break of 5-10 seconds and breathe. When you feel the level of excitement has returned, you can resume work. Try this technique several times and you will see that things will go by in time.

2. Technique of calling
When you feel as though you are getting close to the ejaculation, stop and pull the penis under your head. When you feel that the level of excitement has returned to normal and that there is no danger of ejaculation, you can resume your activity. Repeat this technique until you think the game has lasted long and you can ejaculate.

3. Desensitizing condoms

Another useful technique that stops your ejaculation comes from condoms with desensitising substances.
These products contain benzocaine, a lubricant that will give you a few extra minutes at the sex game. Be careful to put the condom correctly because otherwise the benzocaine gets into her vagina.

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