How long should the ideal love party last?

Do not you have time to make love? Here's how long it takes for a successful game to last

How long should the ideal love party last?

Contrary to the fantasies of many, couple therapists believe that the average duration is 7.3 minutes the ideal way. However, the seven-minute rule must be adjusted or increased from torque to torque.

The ideal duration of a successful sexual act is between 3 and 13 minutes, the study concluded in a sample of 1,752 couples from American researchers at the Society for Sex Therapy and Research. Thus, the average duration is somewhere in the middle, that is, about seven minutes. The subjects surveyed were aged between 20 and 45 years. Romanian physicians agree with these statistics, but they say they have to be modeled from couple to couple.

"A record time of 1-2 minutes is far too short for a satisfying sexual act. This is about early ejaculation. On the other hand, if a game exceeds 13 minutes, it becomes too long, "says Dan Peretianu, a sexologist at the Povernei Medical Center in Bucharest.

A voltage source that affects performance is even the "myth of the seven minutes". Research has shown that women need about seven minutes to have orgasms. Thus, most women interpreted this incorrectly: if they did not have orgasms in seven minutes, then there is something wrong with them.

Moreover, men have understood that if they "push" sexual intercourse beyond the seven minutes, the chances for their partners to have orgasm are even greater.

None of these interpretations is correct, draws attention to Dr. Barbara Keesling, author of the book "Sexual pleasure." If some women can have an orgasm shortly after penetration, others will have orgasm long after the seven minutes pass. Others will not have orgasms at all, regardless of the length of intercourse.

"If after 10-12 minutes they do not have an orgasm, it is clear they will not have an orgasm," adds Peretianu specialist.

It all depends on your own anatomy, libido, tension and frustration.

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