How to attract luck in love. 9 simple rules of Feng Shui

How to attract luck in love. 9 simple rules of Feng Shui

How to attract luck in love. Have you not met half yet or dream of a great love? Do you have a relationship, but things started to creak? Do you want to build a (near) perfect relationship? Feng Shui Remedies and Rules Can Help You!

In Feng Shui, it is said that the space in which we live must be charged with positive energy. And this also depends on the colors, the decorative objects, the aromas, the plants in the rooms or the way the furniture is chosen and arranged.

In addition, the house is considered an extension of the personal self, and its vibration influences our destiny.

The bedroom is very important because here we spend almost a tremor of life! The health of this room depends a lot on our health, but also on the luck in love.

Here are 9 Feng Shui rules that, if followed, can help you get (more) luck in love, presented by astrology specialist and Feng Shui Oana Hanganu.

1. The bedroom door must open completely

And that means you don't have to store all kinds of objects behind the door. But what do you do if you have no other solution? All objects must be kept as "tidy" as possible, and above the door you can fix a faceted crystal sphere.

2. At the windows it is good to have curtains that, during the night, will increase the feeling of privacy and security.

During the day, they must be "tight" to allow natural light to energize the room.

The drapes should be made of cotton linen or silk because natural fibers are recommended in Feng Shui.

3.If you want the chairs in the bedroom, it is good to opt for two pieces.

If you only have room for an armchair, you can keep two decorative pillows, with floral print or in shades of pink.

In Feng Shui, pink is the color of love. The flower of love is the peony.

4. The TV has nothing to do in the bedroom!

It is said that in the bedroom where a television is kept, people spend more time watching the love stories in the movies than dealing with their own love story.

And in the case of the lonely, it brings bad luck because it makes them dream of a love "as in movies" and the ideal partner, difficult to meet.

5. Mirrors should be avoided in the bedroom

It is said that they bring misfortune and infidelity to the couple. But, if you have no other solution, you must apply a remedy for fidelity. For example, keep in each nightstand a pink quartz sphere or a small amethyst pyramid.

6. The bed should be placed so that, when you sit in it, you see the door to the room.

But in no case do you have to stand with your feet directly facing the door! About such a position is said to bring restless sleep and illness.

7. The bed should have solid mattress and double mattress

The bed should have a solid board, fastened to the wall, but as far as possible it should not be an outer wall. The bed mattress should be double.

If you have two narrow mattresses attached to each other, it is good to use a large bed cover to cover both.

In this way, you energetically cancel the line that separates the two mattresses and, symbolically, the line that separates the two partners.

8.Do not keep your parents or children in the bedroom!

The photos in which you appear and your loved one are much more appropriate. Also suitable are posters or paintings with romantic images, beautiful landscapes and happy couples.

9.The colors suitable for the bedroom are pink, peach and light green

The most appropriate color in the bedroom for those who want to attract love is pink.

For those who want to give a new chance to love or a new "push" to the current couple relationship, the right color is the peach shade.

Green is also a lucky color because in Feng Shui it is associated with the wood element. And the wood symbolically intensifies the fire of passion.

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