How to choose your dress according to your silhouette. Designer's tips

How to choose your dress according to your silhouette. Designer's tips

The dress that is correctly chosen according to your silhouette highlights your beauty. Summer is the season of dresses as colorful, as vaporous and full of freshness.

Even if it looks easy at first sight, the dress, the choice of such a garment depends on several factors, the most important being the shape of the body.

The silhouette of each woman falls into a particular pattern that we must take into account when we buy a piece of clothing, especially a dress.

Today, Luminita Staicu, designer Hermosa shows you what dress you should choose this summer according to your body shape.

Para silhouette

The para silhouette is distinguished by rounded thighs, a full back, well-defined waist, narrow shoulders and bust line smaller than the hips line. In this case, it is recommended to wear outlines that emphasize the top of the trunk, thus avoiding the focus on the pool.

By the clothes you choose to wear, you should watch to create the impression of longer shoulders and bigger bust. You need a fold dress in the bust area and sleeves for a powerful effect that counterbalances the whole outfit.

Silhouette of apple type

The main marker of the apple type is a trunk that is noticeably larger than the lower part of the body. The best fitting pieces of clothing are those that thin the top, creating the impression of a waist. Opens for dresses with a straight cut that lightens the body, avoiding straps.

Rectangular silhouette

The rectangular silhouette has a right shape, without too many curves, but with balanced proportions. It is characterized by a bust and a small posterior to the middle, narrow hips, a wide back, a fairly underlined waist and legs and thin and long hands.

You are advised to have pleats, round necklines and belts should be an indispensable accessory.

The silk-type silhouette

The silk-type silhouette is the most desirable among women because it has a very, very feminine appearance. Women with such a body have well-proportioned shapes, the bust line being equal to that of the posterior, and the waist is well defined. This is one of the most permissive silhouettes when it comes to fashion. This summer, with a rich printed dress, you will be very trendy this season, it will make you anonymous in any circumstance.

Regardless of the shape of your body, it's best to get a confident and feminine attitude.

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