How to lose 14 pounds in less than a month

How to lose 14 pounds in less than a month

How to lose 14 pounds in less than a month

If you want to lose weight, it's good not to do it suddenly. And before you get a diet, you're looking to know as much about it. All diets have their advantages and disadvantages. The ideal is to stick to a diet your doctor will approve.

One of the most famous diets is the Scarsdale diet. It was created by doctor Herman Tarnower, a specialist in the treatment of people suffering from obesity.

Careful! Not everyone can respect it, even if its promises are more than tempting. In just two weeks, you could lose 14 pounds. Specialists recognize it as a rough, severe, hard-to-handle regime.

The diet has 2 stages or phases. The first is the one in which actual weakening takes place and lasts for 14 days. Then, you have the second step, the one in which you have to keep your weight gained with so much effort.

The Scarsdale Diet has a set of very strict rules that you have to keep in mind. The menu strictly eliminates carbohydrates, fats, dairy products, alcohol, sweets, natural fruit juices and any soft drinks.

In the actual slimming period you will need to not exceed 800 or 1000 calories a day. You are not allowed any sugar, fat and you will drastically limit dairy consumption, basically allowed meat and vegetables. But if you manage to follow the rules of this diet, you will lose 9 pounds in just 14 days. But there is a high risk of anemia or calcium deficiency, so it is good to talk to your doctor before deciding to follow this rather severe diet, especially if you have chronic conditions.

The main rules of the Scarsdale diet are:

  • Alcohol is not allowed. You can drink water, sugar-free teas, free-flavored coffee, cream or milk.
  • Vegetables and meat will be cooked without adding any fat. In fact, they will be cooked by steam, steam or oven.
  • After 14 days of diet, you must stop, because in the long run there is a risk of deficiencies or deficiencies in your body.
  • You are allowed to have 3 main meals during the day without meals, and it is recommended to consume at least 4 cups of water a day. Extremely important is walking. Careful! At least 3 kilometers a day!
  • You can consume: lean meats, eggs, spinach, celery, carrots, broccoli, green lettuce, grapefruit, tomatoes, papaya.
  • From your menu you will remove: potatoes, rice, juice, beans, sweets, chocolate, milk, butter, pork, fatty meat in general.

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