How to lose weight and have firm skin? Complies with some rules

How to lose weight and have firm skin? Complies with some rules

The skin left behind is a nightmare! How to keep your firmness

How to keep your skin firm and if you lose weight? The skin left is a nightmare for all those who have weakened.

You kept a lot of diets, you changed the diet and the results were not delayed. All right, you've gotten too weak as you wanted. But what do you do with the skin that has lost its elasticity? Here are some solutions that will help keep your skin firm and elastic.

It is known that diet has a direct link to the health of skin and skin in general. Unfortunately, when you keep a strict diet like most diets and if you are no longer young, you are likely to lose the elasticity of the skin gradually. Dermatologists say that after the age of 25 it is natural to start having such problems. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the complexion. As a result, include vitamins A, E, B3 and K in your daily diet. These can combat acne, dry skin and spots that appear on the skin.

Also, no matter how loud you want to lose weight, be careful not to lose too many kilos. It's healthy to gradually lose weight.

Take care of the creams you use. Use creams to keep the firmness of the skin. Get them out of pharmacies, at the advice of a pharmacist, not from a trade. The best creams have Vitamin E and A vitamins that by their properties can improve the amount of collagen and skin elastin.

Comes summer, more and spring the sun is abundant. Take care and do not spend much time in the sun. Ideal is not to leave the house if you have not given up on your face with a protective cream. And stay as far as you can from tanning salons.

And creams that have collagen are good for the skin because they have the role of restoring the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Even if they are more expensive, it is worth investing in you.

Do sports, go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and enjoy the results seen in a few months.

Avoid sweets because they have a harmful effect on skin collagen. Replaces sweets with fresh fruit and vegetables that help maintain skin health.

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