How to prepare your own BERE home. Simple and natural recipes available to everyone

How to prepare your own BERE home. Simple and natural recipes available to everyone

The hand-made beer is beer produced in small quantities, according to traditional recipes and methods. In other words, the method of manufacturing is not mechanized, the beer does not contain additives or preservatives, and manufacturers can experiment with recipes to produce unique tastes.

Here and the difference from beer produced in industrial quantities. Handcrafted beer is produced by natural fermentation, so the flavor is stronger, more natural and contains less acid, according to

Although the beer industry is still beginning in Romania, the Romanians have opened their appetite, so it is very likely that it will grow, especially because of the Romanian artisans who have worked on it and are experimenting with different recipes.

Beer recipes that you can not fail as a beginner

In case you do not want to invest in the beer brewing equipment, you can prepare the beer in your own kitchen with a basic recipe and just a few changes. Here are some of them.

The simple recipe for homemade beer


500 g malt

20 g of hops

1 kg of sugar

a yeast cube

12 l of water

How is it prepared:

Put the 12 liters of water in a pot, then add the malt and hops and let everything boil in small heat.

Leave the composition on a covered fire for 2-3 hours until the amount of liquid decreases.

Leave the composition to cool until it reaches room temperature.

Once the liquid has cooled down, squeeze it into another container using a sieve and a few pieces of gauze to make the drink clear.

Add 800 g of sugar in the composition, stirring gently.

The remaining 200 g of sugar is placed on the caramelized fire, then pouring a small amount of the liquid prepared over the obtained paste. Mix well and pour into the pot of beer.

Leave it to cool for a short period of time, then add the dissolved yeast.

Pour homemade beer into bottles with a funnel, leaving a few centimeters under the chop.

Store the bottles in a cool place and let the drink ferment a few days

Homemade beer recipe with 1% alcohol


20 grams of wormwood

half cube of yeast beer

2 kg of brown sugar

20 liters of water

a spoonful of hops

How is it prepared:

Pelin is finely chopped and boiled in the 20 liters of water along with sugar

Leave to heat until it starts to boil, then adjust the heat for a steady boil for about an hour

Add the hops and boil for 30 minutes

After boiling it is allowed to cool until the mixture reaches 20 ° C

The mixture is then squeezed, the leavened beer is added and then fermented in the fermentation vessel for a maximum of one week.

After fermentation, beer is drawn into bottles by wrinkling and left for 2 weeks in the dark for clarification and carbonation.

The rest of the recipes and a more complex technological process can be found in this link: Here

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