How to reconcile your career with family life. Seven tips to find your balance

How to reconcile your career with family life. Seven tips to find your balance

The imbalance between personal and professional life can lead to exhaustion or "burnout," a syndrome that has recently been recognized by the World Health Organization as a disease.

When you become a parent, your priorities change, your personal life becomes more and more demanding and it is increasingly difficult for you to face the demands of the job. Studies show that parents from the Millennials generation have been raised by parents focused on careers and do not want their children to grow without them, so I'm in a constant search for solutions.

#Mamprenoare is a community of young mothers who started looking for balance and found it together. Here are 7 useful tips for those who want to find their balance:

1. Plan ahead of time the activities you want to participate in. "Since I was on my own, the agenda has become for me an instrument without which I can not survive. I'm old-fashioned and I prefer the printed version, not the electronic version. I made a habit of moving everything from the meetings with the clients, the events I organize, the events I want to participate in, to the visits to friends, the activities of the children or the family trips. I live in Belgium and I have learned from my friends here that healthy planning is the key to a perfect balance. Here you do not have to be surprised if a friend today calls you to visit you on 19 September at 19.00. Everything is planned in time. So, at the beginning of the year, I set out the events that were already set, then fill the empty spaces with meetings and activities on a monthly and weekly basis, and I have an overview of my program, "says Alina Bota, Consultant & Coach, Founder of Mamprenoare

2. Learn to delegate household chores. "The perfect balance between family and career is a dream. Sometimes the family requires more attention, sometimes the professional activity is on the wave. A clear set of family values ​​after the appearance of the child and personal and common goals leads to clarity. Then you know exactly where you need help and start delegating. For example, after the baby appeared, my husband took a large part of the housework and discovered a hobby in the kitchen, cooks excellent! I have a lady coming weekly for general cleaning and ironing. The child needs time to one with each parent, so besides the joint program, we also have individual time that frees the other partner if something urgent happens professionally. Managing limited time resources makes us an increasingly efficient, united and performing team, and enjoy family and career at the same time, "explains Anamaria Ciuhuta – Blogger & Trainer –
3. Determination and discipline. "There have been many reasons that have prompted me to start a project on my own; and at the top of the list was the one that refers to the flexibility of organizing my time so that I have a balance between my personal and professional lives. Although I was convinced that I would be able to achieve this balance, I was led by the idea that, being at the beginning of the road, I have to work very, very much, at least until my business is on my feet, and then, once, relax. After 3 years of work, paying attention to my reactions, I realized that that moment would never come if I did not change my perspective. That's because when you work for your own dream you can always do something, you can always improve it, you can always contact a potential collaborator. And it's very difficult to stop. Only when I realized that my life lacks exactly what I wanted more, namely with my family, I was able to create this balance. At first it was forced, simply forcing myself to shut down my laptop before taking my child from the nursery in the afternoon and not opening it as long as he was awake. It was not easy at all, I'm eager to check the mail, Facebook pages, Linkedin, etc. But after a couple of weeks I realized I could be very effective in 8 hours of condensed work. And, more than anything else, I was much happier because I had done so to the family in my life. Now I know that having a balance between personal and business lives depends only on my choice. And, as I make business decisions that I apply with determination and discipline, I also have to behave when it comes to my personal life, "says Maria Duduman – Founder
4. Transform time with children in special time with children. "I learned to stop having false hopes. When I'm working, I'm not leaving the premise that my dear children will let me do it willingly. I know it will not be so, and then I assure myself that I'm connecting with them before. Special Time and an honorable piece of paper fills both them and me with love, good will and positive energy. Any cheerful person will be more willing to give you the space and time you need to do your job. I also assure myself that I also charge my batteries with a coffee, theater or sports escape, just for me. Both business and children grow more harmoniously when mom is calm and focused, "says Irina Nichifiriuc Specialist Parenting and blogger

5. Learn to say NO. "You do not need to be present in all your child's activities, check out all the anniversaries, jump to help everyone around you, be present at all business events, and do not have to be involved in 100 things to do do superficial and frustrate you that you are tired. Look long term: Does it help you with X activity in the future? Does it impact your child's education, your relationships or your pocket? If not, then give yourself the time you are willing to give to others and your productivity will grow, "explains Alina Bota, founder of Mamprenoare.

6. Make part of your work a truly integrated part in your path to health! "I would move, but my work is always unpaid to my family. My health has to suffer because of sedentary, but I have nothing to do. If I had time, I would prepare my meals and I would not eat pastry, escape or fast food. That's what I was thinking when I was hired. Since I became Health Coach, I have begun to see everything from another perspective. As the Desksercize stream suggests, we can integrate the movement into work. How? Very simple: taking advantage of buildings with at least 4 floors to make as many ladders per day as possible, taking advantage of the modern offices that allow the ankle to play under the desk, quasi-continuously or at intervals, but especially avoiding sitting all day on the chair! You can just press your legs just as well, and the position is much more natural to man! Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to move 5 minutes every 25 minutes so that the body's energy does not stagnate and the focus diminishes with each forgotten pause. As for food … I challenge you to try, to take time when it comes to assembling a salad with egg, avocado or meat before leaving the door in the morning. Is it 5 minutes? Is it 7? Are there any excuses to go out empty? "Says Iulia Broscoi – Health Coach.

7. Join a community! It is said that a whole village is needed to raise a child. To grow children and businesses, you need a national community to support you, I am of the opinion. However, the mandatory condition of functioning in a community is to be willing to support the members of the community as well.

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