How to speed up your metabolism for fast weight loss. Nutritionist: "Without these vitamins you cannot burn fat"

Can not you lose weight with any diet? Here's what nutrients you lack from orgasm

"Metabolism" refers to all processes in the body, be they storage (anabolism) or resource consumption (catabolism). There is both an anabolism of muscles, bones (well, up to a point) and fat (storage of fat).

So an "increased fat metabolism" can mean both rapid deposition and rapid burning. Fat catabolism is the one that worries the most, explained nutritionist Cristian Mărgărit, on his blog.

If we judge the problem a little, a "slow metabolism" is very good, because you will live longer. The biological metronome has a slower pace. So you will keep better in time. Like turtles. There are also birds with an accelerated metabolism and living a lot, but they are the exception, especially since the medicine stopped at the mice for testing (which have a short life span), considering that they are a good model for our species. There are genetic components (information inscribed in DNA) as well as epigenetic (which relate to how this information is expressed) that lay the foundation of "metabolism".

Then come the hormonal adjustments. Insulin is an anabolic hormone. Testosterone is catabolic on fat, as does growth hormone. Thyroid hormones in low doses stimulate anabolism, but in large doses catabolism (unfortunately and muscle). Cortisol increases the catabolism of fat (it seems good at first glance) but also that of the muscles (where you should burn that fat).

Estrogen and prolactin induce fat deposits while progesterone appears to help weaken. Leptin regulates appetite (less in people resistant to leptin, obesity). And so on. Some people are born or remain with more fat cells, mitochondria or hormonal reserves. Others do not.

The fact that someone gets fat can be an effect of the inefficiency of energy production or of the appetite disorder, not of laziness or lack of will. Colac over the pupae, the microbiome is also responsible for how we assimilate and metabolize food, sending signals, including satiety.

So if you have "problems with metabolism", go to a medical checkup, including endocrinology and solve hormonal problems first, because you can also keep your mother's diet if your ovaries, thyroid, testicles or command center (pituitary) work poorly. Anyway, any great entry plan should start with a medical checkup and a person with experience to keep an eye on the plane, especially if you have "borrowed" the program from a "mom" site. And if you have come this far you deserve to find some solutions.

This is how I make my readers' choice, I start out arid, but those with patience, attention and intelligence (less and less) also receive the information they are looking for. Yes, a "many" of vitamins and minerals is the basis of any healthy nutrition program, because some of us are not even so naive to imagine that modern foods still contain the vitamins and especially the minerals (trace elements) we need in the conditions of the modern lifestyle. The "drinks" do not fatten but, on the contrary, are involved in energy metabolism, without them you cannot burn fat. Continuation on


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