How to treat the tar, ocular infection that can occur at any age

How to treat the tar, ocular infection that can occur at any age

How to treat the tar, ocular infection that can occur at any age

The orjelet, popularly known also as pitcher or pitcher is a small boar that develops on the edge of the eyelid. It occurs because of an infection and most often goes away by itself, but there are also situations when you should go to the specialist ophthalmologist for treatment. The ear may appear at any age.

It appears in the form of a swelling at the level of the upper or lower eyelid and which subsequently turns into a red abscess with a yellow spot that will withstand or not. The specialists say that when the infection occurs inside we have an internal jug, and when it appears outside the eyelid it is called an external jug. Fortunately, in the case of the external one, treatment is not necessary, it will heal itself in a few days. In contrast, the internal one does not pass easily, being always needed the diagnosis and treatment of the specialist.

The external one can heal spontaneously, but the internal one is treated only with the help of the specialist doctor.

The main causes of the disease are: golden staphylococcus, improper hand hygiene, contamination with certain bacteria.

Here are the symptoms:

  • redness that appears in the eyes or eyes,
  • burning or stinging,
  • the presence of pus
  • pain in the eyes during exposure to light,
  • general ill condition,
  • the presence of fever,

The pitcher starts with a painful redness on the eyelid along the eyelash line, accompanied by a burning sensation. The eyelid becomes inflamed and the eye will tear. When the situation is worse, the pus also appears. When the pus is not spontaneously removed, the doctor may make a small incision.

What is the treatment:

The external ear is healed spontaneously, but the inner ear requires ophthalmological surgical treatment. Treatment of the jug is prescribed only by the ophthalmologist after an eye examination. The treatment consists in the administration of anti-inflammatory drops but also in antibiotic drops. Attention, as a patient you are not allowed to break the jug because you will give rise to serious complications.

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