How to use Echinacea correctly. Can block the immune system if mismanaged!

How to use Echinacea correctly. Can block the immune system if mismanaged!

How to use Echinacea correctly. Can block the immune system if mismanaged!

Echinacea is recognized for the strengthening effect of the immune system, which is why it is also called the "queen of immunity". But it has to be administered according to certain rules because it could lead to immune system blockage in certain situations.

"Echinacea is an extremely intelligent plant. It modulates the immune system, knows when to activate it, knows when to stop it, because the immune response is a complex one, it must be prepared to fight and remove unwanted factors, pathogens, but it must stop then when the pathogen came out of its range.

There are two types of immune cells: helper immune cells (which activate the immune response) and suppressor immune cells (which stop the response when the danger has been removed). Echinacea, by echinacozide, (the active compound of echinacea) knows how to modulate this response, knows when to activate, knows when to stop the immune response.

Echinacea is also a precautionary plant. Clinical studies that developed at Harvard Medical School showed that Echinacea administered at a maximum dosage of more than two months already already works only on suppressor cells and blocks the immune response. Therefore, it has an administration limit.

Echinacea therapies for modulating immunity are given in the spring and autumn in two-month courses, with four months off. This cure with Echinacea addresses absolutely all categories of patients.

Echinacea can also be used in acute condition (Ex: cold, viruses). For example: Echinacea tincture taken a teaspoon at 2 hours on the first day (in the awakening part, not at night) and in the next 3-4 times a day a teaspoon greatly limits the period of illness. For children or adults it is recommended as a tincture. Dose common to children It is a drop of tincture per kilogram body/day, but it increases a bit and frequency and dose on the first day administration to have a limitation of the disease that counts, that is instead of 7 days to have 4, "explained Dr. Adriana Tatomirescu, specialist in food hygiene, competent in apiphytotherapy, for Rador.


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