Ideal diet. It is based on healthy eating, sports and motivation

Ideal diet. It is based on healthy eating, sports and motivation

One of the star's favorite diets is the Spark diet. It's a very good diet, experts say you can lose up to 10 pounds in 28 days. But, it is not a general rule, because the weakening takes place according to each individual's organism.

Specialists claim that this diet will not have any harmful effects on the body and that it does not make you stammer. Basically, at the basis of this, there are 3 fundamental principles: healthy eating, exercise and permanent motivation.

The Spark diet is made up of 4 steps. The diet should be followed, which includes a calorie intake of 1500 calories a day. The new lifestyle must also include physical exercise.

The person in question will consume one day only 1500 calories, which will include: 45-65% carbohydrates, 20-35% fats and 16-35% protein. Meals are made up of breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. Also, 38 grams of fiber can be eaten daily, which is beneficial for the digestive system, it facilitates digestion and cuts appetite.

4 essential steps that make up the diet

The first stage is called Fast Breack. This is important because it helps to adapt the body to food changes. The lady or lady who will keep this diet will learn to control her diet. At the same time, he will learn how to include sports in his daily program. It must be done regularly and not just occasionally.

The second stage – Healtht Diet Habits is a stage that already brings changes. Drink plenty of water.

The third stage – Lifestyle Change is actually accepting the new lifestyle and its benefits.

The final stage – Spreak the Spark is the stage where the results are already seen, the loss of kilograms, the determination, the motivation of the person concerned.

The diet followed during this diet is healthy and balanced, does not involve starvation, and exercise is very important. You can choose any kind of exercise you do not have to go to, you can choose any kind of physical activity. For example, cycling, tennis, swimming, soccer are indicated, as well as physical exercises at home are good.

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