Ilinca Tomoroveanu. The theater world favors a great actress

Ilinca Tomoroveanu. The theater world favors a great actress

Ilinca Tomoroveanu was born on 21 August 1941 in Bucharest. He studied at the Institute of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest, the 1964 promotion, Professor Costache Antoniu, assistant professor Ion Cojar.

He was a colleague with Valeria Seciu, Mariana Mihuţ, Ion Caramitru, Rodica Mandache, Florina Cercel, Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, Costel Constantin, Ştefan Radof, Virgil Ogăşanu. He debuted on the theater stage in 1964, at the National Theater in Bucharest as Cristina in the play "The Death of an Artist" by Horia Lovinescu, directed by Horea Popescu. Her career is fully connected with the National Theater in Bucharest, a theater whose activity has been identified.

She testified that she was close to the roles of Oana in Sunset by Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, directed by Sică Alexandrescu and Marietta Sadova (1967), Celesta Finley of Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth, directed by Mihai Berechet (1972), Berta from the "Generous Foundation" by Antonio Buero Vallejo, directed by Horea Popescu (1978), Florence from "The Family Cavou" by Pierre Chesnot, directed by Sanda Manu (1980), Natasa Golubeva from Alexandr Ghelman, directed by Dan Necşulea (1983), Clitemnestra from "Ancient Trilogy" by Euripides and Sofocle, directed by Andrei Şerban (1990), Mrs. Alving from Strigoii by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Nicolae Scarlat (1998), Ana Dmitrievna Karenina from Lev N Tolstoi, directed by Gelu Colceag (2001), Irena Romescu from Camel Petrescu's "Playing the Games", directed by Claudiu Goga (2007), "Avalanşa" by Tuncer Cücenoğlu, directed by Radu Afrim (2010).

He was Octavian Goga's granddaughter and felt very attached to Rasinari, the place where the poet was born, and whom he considered to be "the most beautiful of the world … My vineyard." In 1999, in order to keep alive the memory and work of the poet, he founded, together with other descendants and several important culture people in Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj and Rasinari, a Cultural Foundation bearing the name of Octavian Goga, based in Răşinari, chairman of honor was.

Ilinca Tomoroveanu was awarded the Mihai Eminescu Medal of Medal (2000) and decorated with the Order of Cultural Merit as Commander (2004). Since 2005 he has been artistic director of the National Theater in Bucharest.

At the end of February, the UNITER Senate received an emotional letter from actress Ilinca Tomoroveanu. After 20 years of active presence, she decided to withdraw from UNITER's leadership. Worthy, but so sad. "We have been together for many years. We fought, we quarreled, we contradicted, and we reconciled for the good of the theatrical community. Now I'm forced to withdraw, but you can count on me if needed. "

Attentive to every colleague in the guild, correct, concerned about what is happening in the Romanian cultural world, always with a good word on the lips, a lady of the Romanian Theater, a voice with an unmistakable tone, which will feel many theater and of culture.

For those who want to say goodbye, the inanimate body will be deposited today, May 3 at 16.30 at the "Izvorul Tămăduirei" Church (Mavrogheni Church, 4, Monetăriei Street, next to the Romanian Peasant Museum), and Saturday 10.00 to get to the foyer of the Studio Hall of the National Theater "IL Caragiale "in Bucharest. The funeral will take place on Saturday, May 4, at 13:30, at the Orthodox Belle Cemetery.

The Romanian Theater Union expresses its deep regret and is next to the actress's family. God forgive her and rest her!

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