In October, they are the stars of the zodiac! I reap the fruits on all levels

In October, they are the stars of the zodiac! I reap the fruits on all levels

The stars of the zodiac in October are her. Finally, the time of the jubilee has come for them. He told us, after doing the astral analysis of the moon, the well-known astrologer Oana Hanganu, who you can find here:

The October horoscope for the Scorpio zodiac recommends the natives to take advantage of the astral conjunctiva that transforms them into the stars of the zodiac.

In October, the Scorpions will be successful in negotiations and will be convincing and conquerors in relationships. From October 8, the planet of Love will be in their zodiac sign and will help them to be appreciated at work and charming in society. The middle of the month can bring them an extraordinary chance at a financial level, especially if it is an older financial problem that seemed impossible to solve.

Also, the middle of the month can bring the desired job or long-awaited promotion to many natives.

The sun "will rise on their street" on October 23 and, for a month, will be the main ally of the Scorpions. The stars will be on their side!

Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, profound transformation, death and regeneration. It attaches so much to ideals, principles, people, things, that it often needs a deep crisis, which will awaken it to reality and completely change its vision.

Scorpions are penetrating and incisive, magnetic and paradoxical. They are ruled by two powerful planets, Pluto and Mars, which is why they can be warriors and very tenacious. They do not give up their goals and plans, whatever obstacles they encounter in the way. Nothing seems to intimidate them, keeping their temper and impenetrable mimicry under any conditions.

They are passionate, have intense desires, hard to understand by other zodiac signs. They are more interested in feelings than in appearance and form and being a fixed sign, they often resist change, except for those who are initiated and prepared by them.

They are constantly looking under the visible face of things and seeing beyond the social masks of people. They are not content to look at and accept the appearance of things, but want to go to their root. Sometimes people around these natives may have the feeling that the Scorpions see through them.

They may often seem out of humor, because they take everything seriously, including humor. They may also seem very tense, even frightening. But they are also extremely attractive.

The passion and intensity with which a Scorpio lives are not too easily matched by any other zodiac sign. This native is not very familiar with half measures, so he goes on the "all or nothing" principle. In love, he is totally involved and has paradoxical experiences, sometimes very difficult to understand as a partner. Once you have taken the first step and become half of a relationship, you can often become very possessive and jealous.

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