In which foods are good fats. Specialists recommendation

In which foods are good fats. Specialists recommendation

The "good" fats. The fashion of low fat diets is history. More and more doctors recommend foods high in healthy fats, which keep you away from diseases, but also from extra pounds.

The fats are of 3 types: unsaturated, saturated and trans. Saturated ones are good for the heart, liquid at room temperature and are found mainly in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and seafood.

The saturated ones are solid at room temperature and are found in animal protein, meat, butter, but also in coconut oil and palm oil. Although blurred, many times, studies show that some are very good for health.

Trans fats are liquid fats brought to the solid stage by a process called hydrogenation. These fats are found in fried foods, processed foods and packaged snack foods. These are heart destroyers.

Nutritionist Brianna Elliott says the source of fat is important. Those in processed foods do us no good, unlike those that come from avocado or the meat of environmentally-fed animals.

Olive oil is an example of healthy fat. Decreased risk of developing heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

fish It is the brain's food and it is abundant in Omega3 acids, very good for the body. The most recommended types of fish are: salmon, anchovies, herring, sardines, oysters, trout and mackerel.

Avocado It is amazing. It works wonders in the body, fights heart disease, diabetes, increased cholesterol and can be consumed at any time, from morning to evening.

eggs. They are a great source of omega 3, they represent a quality protein, a complete and nutritious food.

walnuts represents the ideal snack. Rich in amino acids, vitamin E and good fats.

Coconut oil. With a bad reputation some time ago, as it contains saturated fat, now it is back on the wave. As lauric acid is the main saturated fat, acid known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it has returned to the good list. The fat in coconut oil is stable and metabolizes differently from other bad saturated fats. It can be cooked at high temperatures and is an excellent oil, both for internal and external use, and the cakes prepared with coconut oil are delicious.

Bitter chocolate. The specialists have proven to be very beneficial, protect the heart and it is indicated daily, only a square.

Foods rich in good fats are still Greek yogurt, olives, seed, soy beans and cheese quality.

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