It is the drink that unlocks the weak and forget about hunger

Mihaela Bilic: "It was not invented a more complete and balanced diet than it. It's Dietetic and Cheap "

It may be the most beloved drink in the world. On October 1, the day was celebrated worldwide.

Caffeine is a good adjunct in weight loss. It produces rapid stimulation of bile secretion, opens the bile ducts and leads to the elimination of toxins. To enjoy these virtues of coffee it is good to drink it without sweeteners and without milk or whipped cream. At the same time, drinking before the meal, black coffee inhibits the appetite.

Here's what nutritionist Mihaela Bilic tells us about coffee and silhouette.

"Because it was International Coffee Day, it is worth praising myself and also for the help and support that we offer in the fight with kilograms. Yes, coffee helps to lose weight and not just by one mechanism, but by more.

The tonic, stimulating effect of caffeine on the nervous system is known. That's right, coffee wakes us up. And not only on us, but also on the digestive tract – more precisely the smooth muscles in the walls of the intestine are contracted, which leads to peristaltic movements, the progression of the digestive content. So no doubt, coffee stimulates digestion, accelerates intestinal transit and prevents constipation.

The coffee also stimulates metabolism, that is to say, it intensifies the conversion of the reserve fat into the glucose needed for the movement, increases the resistance to the effort and the capacity of contraction of the muscles. By chance, caffeine was not included on the list of doping agents in athletes. It, caffeine, consumed 20-30 minutes before physical exertion increases sports performance and mobilizes fat deposits. So it helps to lose weight!

And last but not least, coffee inhibits your appetite, helping you forget a bit about your hunger. Any substance that has a stimulating effect on the nervous system (psychic stimulants) produces as a counter-effect an inhibition of hunger. When you are agitated, when your adrenaline or dopamine levels are high, the other sensations are blocked, including hunger. And as an extra secret, the coffee drunk with milk stays long in the stomach and is hungry for 2-3 hours, like a portion of broth.

How many coffees can we consume daily without any health risk? In the medical books it is said that maximum 5 cups. I confirm that only 3 cups / day make the difference: the weight loss is unlocked and you forget about hunger. Just don't bother those around you, because you will have a greater work force, ”concludes the doctor on his Facebook page.


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