It is the healthiest cooked vegetable. Should be consumed daily

It is the healthiest cooked vegetable. Should be consumed daily

It is the healthiest cooked vegetable and should be eaten daily due to antioxidants (beta-carotene and lycopene, vitamins C and E), potassium and phosphorus.

Red protects the cardiovascular system (helps to fluidize the blood and lower blood pressure), improves vision, favoring immunity. It can also be categorized as fruit. Many studies say that red is a fruit.

Also, red is a good source of B-complex vitamins, they are useful in hypoacidity, stimulate gastric secretion as well as pancreas; improve digestion (being useful in case of indigestion, lack of appetite especially in children, anorexia, constipation).

At the same time, tomatoes are also an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K. They also contain small amounts of fiber that helps digestion, selenium and magnesium.

Tomato consumption helps absorb iron from food because of the high vitamin C content. This is found in the largest amount in the gelatinous liquid that surrounds the seeds.

Lycopene, the one that gives the tomato their specific color, is an antioxidant, with even stronger effect than vitamin C.

It protects the body against cancer, cardiovascular disease, degenerative processes, metabolic disorders and various intoxications. Lycopene is more easily assimilated from baked tomatoes than from raw.

Consumed in combination with fatty foods such as olive oil, avocado or fatty fish (tuna or salmon) are not only delicious but also healthier because tomato lycopene is better absorbed by the body, being fat soluble .

Along with olives and garlic combinations, the tomatoes thus consumed are raw vegan favorites.

Studies have shown that by heat treatment red increases its lycopene by 35%. Red helps to prevent certain types of cancer, such as the prostate, pancreas, breast and lungs.

Due to lycopene content, redness also has an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease.

There are other fruits and vegetables that contain lycopene, but much less than tomatoes. In fact, red is by far the main source of lycopene, providing over 75% of a person's diet.

Tomatoes are consumed raw, cooked, dehydrated or preserved, in the form of salads, soups, steaks, juice, pasta, etc.

Known and appreciated for their beneficial effects on body health, tomatoes also have contraindications.

They are not consumed when they are given sulphanilamide. Also, in cases of asthma, painful menstruation, gynecological diseases or renal lithiasis, consumption should be reduced.

At the same time, studies have shown that tomatoes stain teeth five times more than tobacco and coffee.

A serious reason for beautiful buffaloes and those for whom the physical aspect prefers to stop eating tomatoes.

Incidentally, not many are the ones who take the dentistry dentistry forcibly, so it's unlikely to compromise your "investment" by consuming tomatoes despite the many benefits it has on the body.

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