It stimulates immunity and protects the body from disease

It stimulates immunity and protects the body from disease

Ovidiu Bojor is a doctor in pharmacy, the inventor of modern herbal medicine in Romania and an academic. Nothing related to plants is foreign to him, which is why Professor Ovidiu Bojor is always consulted when it comes to these.

His life means nature, heights and love. “From the age of 60, I began to lead a normal life for my condition. First, eight hours of intense active work, eight hours of active rest and eight hours of sleep, ”says Dr. Ovidiu Bojor.

Acad. Ovidiu Bojor: “The main medicine is nutrition. We are what we eat ”

Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr. Ovidiu Bojor has written a lot of books representing gold for Romanian herbal medicine.

In his book "Diseases of the respiratory system – Complementary Therapies", acad. Share with your readers the secrets of a miraculous product.

Already known by the high priests of ancient Egypt, propolis has proven to be extremely useful, sometimes spectacularly effective in the treatment of conditions of interest to the respiratory tree.

By the antimicrobial properties, due to the flavonoid compounds, the esters of the phenolic acids with aromatic alcohols and the essential oils from the volatile fraction), by the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties, the propolis acts on the pathological processes, sometimes exceeding the efficacy of some drugs.

propolis is a natural product with the miraculous ability to stop the pain, being recommended in chronic pharyngitis, rhino-sinus allergies, chronic rhino-sinusitis. If the treatment with propolis is associated with milkweed and honey, the efficiency is increased in the treatment of tonsillitis, otitis, tracheitis and gout.

The most powerful anti-infectious drug known, with proven efficacy in over 200 diseases

Used since ancient times, propolis is considered the most powerful anti-infectious drug known, being a powerful natural ally in the fight against colds and flu. The special qualities of propolis are mainly due to its flavonoid-rich content, compounds of the polyphenols family that give color to plants and have strong antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Applied internally, propolis does not produce imbalances of the normal bacterial flora, as it acts by stimulating immunity, resulting in the general resistance of the organism to the disease.


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