Mammography, an investigation that should not be omitted

Mammography, an investigation that should not be omitted

Mammography, investigation that sees nodules and precancerous lesions. How long it is repeated and at what age it should not be omitted

Often, either negligently or for lack of time, we omit the years go by and we do not go to the controls as needed and as the specialists say.

Moreover, despite the high prevalence of breast cancer, a lot of women do not go to a doctor to do the necessary investigations. Mammography is an extremely useful investigation when you want to eliminate the suspicion of breast cancer.

It is true that breast self-examination is a practice indicated by doctors and helps us to identify possible problems, but we can not limit ourselves to this gesture. In other words, mammography is very important even if you are examining your breasts for months. Practically, according to specialists, mammography is the only screening method for breast cancer. Most of the time, the investigation is accompanied by bilateral mammary ultrasound.

Mammography is an X-ray breast examination, an investigation that helps diagnose breast health problems.

There are two types of mammograms, a screening program recommended to ladies over 40 years of age, which is used to detect suspicious abnormalities or changes that may exist. But also diagnostic mammography that occurs in patients over 35 years of age but with certain symptoms. For example, in an ultrasound, the doctor detected a nodule and a mammogram was subsequently made to eliminate suspicions or to confirm a correct diagnosis.

Practically, mammography is a simple investigation that allows the early detection of small nodules or minor precancerous lesions located in the mammary glands. It is best to do mammography two weeks after your last menstrual period. In addition, it is a painless investigation, despite the myths circulating and according to which mammography hurts. It should be pointed out that this investigation can save lives, doctors claim that on-time diagnosis, breast cancer heals in 90% of cases.

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