Many times, instead of summer holidays to reduce stress, it keeps it

Many times, instead of summer holidays to reduce stress, it keeps it

School is over! The train holiday in France came and it may seem a joy and a relief. Both parents and children are waiting for the holiday to relax. As a parent you think they will follow months without worries. But there are negative feelings about the summer vacation that sometimes children can live with. And I can become even anxious!

The psychologist Dorina Stamate of the Happiness Clinic has told us how they can be affected.

During summer holidays, children generally need structure and routine, the more children who experience anxiety feel they need to know what will happen, when and how. In summer, things do not happen in the same rhythm and structure. Holiday is much more relaxed and somehow the rules change.

Many times, we parents, we want the summer to recover what we would have wanted to do during the school year with our children, but time did not allow us. Well, then, we're planning a lot of activities for the child to fill the time so they do not get bored. And we also go swimming, archery, public speaking courses and origami. Sometimes the child is also present in three camps. Because we want to live new experiences that he has not lived. Being guilty, of course, is the school-loaded program. And often, instead of summer holidays to reduce stress, it keeps it.

Also, the psychologist says, and sleep habits change during the summer vacation. More specifically, the summer darkens later and the children go to bed later.

Careful! It draws attention to the fact that the need for a child's sleep is equally important in holidays. Moreover, lack of sleep can lead to anxiety.

It was a cartoon that said there were 100 days in the summer vacation. But reality is not like in drawings! I'm not even 100 days, I'm 85 days old. But just because there are so many days, children fill them with what they have at hand, that is, with the screen: the TV, the phone, the tablet, the computer. Children enjoy technology and use it to connect with friends. Or, worse, to get rid of boredom, Dorina Stamate told us.

How do we help the child to get rid of the summer vacation anxiety?

The specialist says we can help the child if we keep certain routine elements during the school year. Especially those related to sleep and mass!

It is not ideal to fall into the net to fill the child all the time, to let the child get bored for unstructured play. When the child has free time actually has the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, problem solving, and develop their motivation. Keep a program where the baby uses technology during the vacation. But, looking for a balance to not live true drama when you tell them to return to half an hour of technology a day, the therapist told us.

It also advises all parents to spend quality time with the baby. And, no, it does not refer to expensive trips, because not only they create memories in the heart of the child.

A child wants time with their parents, no matter where and how, but be it!

We should remember: a child wishes to spend time with his parents. They are not necessarily interested in where and how they spend it. That's why you do things that you like for your baby. For example, play outdoors, discover the games of your childhood, go for a picnic. Or raise a kite, cook together, when it's too hot out, make a tent in the house. You can put some chairs and a blanket on top and you will see how much your child counts, the psychologist explained.

Moreover, they claim that if you have to go somewhere with the little one, it is advisable to tell him where you are going, what will happen. The point is to prepare the baby before, so that the anxiety associated with walking in a new place he does not know is reduced.

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