Medicinal charcoal eliminates toxins from the body and lowers cholesterol

Medicinal charcoal eliminates toxins from the body and lowers cholesterol

Medicinal charcoal has amazing therapeutic properties. It is found in pharmacies, at very affordable prices, and can treat multiple disorders of the digestive system.

It can also reduce cholesterol, inflammation and irritation and act as an effective detoxifier, with countless medicinal charcoal detoxification treatments recommended by specialists.

It acts as a detoxifier and in cases where you have swallowed too many drugs or different toxic substances. A treatment of only one week, with one pill a day, guarantees a decrease in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and improves the activity of the heart and brain.

Medicinal charcoal is a doctor with recognized effects in the fight against indigestion, but also because it treats gastritis attacks. It can be taken either preventively or at the moment when the bad state is installed. It can also be a good laxative.

Medicinal charcoal treats bloating or heartburn, in which cases one to two teaspoons of charcoal powder is required. The dust is soaked in a little water, then taken 30 minutes before the main meals.

Coal is also helpful for poisoning with various toxic substances, in which case a teaspoon of powder is mixed in a glass of water and drinking, after which at least one liter of water is consumed. Although hard to believe, it has the ability to whiten teeth. For this you can use it confidently in a three-week cure, during which not only will you whiten your tooth, but it will be even healthier. The process is simple: dissolve a tablespoon of charcoal powder in 150 ml of warm milk and drink twice a day.

People with respiratory problems or those who have asthma attacks it is better to drink a mixture obtained from two tablespoons of coal to a glass of water or a capsule of medicinal charcoal. In this case, the treatment is recommended to be followed seven days in a row, during which time the diet should be based more on fruits and bread and less on vegetables. The patient is not allowed to make sudden movements and it is advisable to apply a charcoal compress on the abdomen in the liver area.

This article is informative and does not replace the specialized medical consultation.

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