Men who marry full women are happier

Men who marry full women are happier

Women around the world are undergoing impossible regimes and are starving to the point where they have no desire for life anymore.

Sophia Loren, an actress with full forms in her youth, said she would prefer a few extra pounds on her hips than to give up enjoying small pleasures such as pasta, pizza, tiramisu and red wine.

The trend of many years was the woman in the rope. But is this what men want?

The truth is that many men prefer women with appetizing shapes. And science says that they also have the ability to make them happy.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales, from the psychology department of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), men who are married or only in a serious relationship with grown women are ten times happier. than those whose life partners are weak.

Not only do they smile more, but they also have much quicker solutions to serious life problems.

The study also showed that full-fledged women have a higher level of understanding and anticipation of their partner's needs.

They also have better survival skills. In recent years, many women have focused more on career and less on cooking, but the study concluded that full-fledged women prefer to cook and take care of their partners.

In other words, those few extra pounds are not fat, but they are an additional contribution of love and sensitivity.

Women with shapes have always been appreciated because they emanate femininity and fertility. Nor should the supplements have to worry, each type of woman attracts a certain variety of man.

The idea is that we should not be guided by molds, we should not all be the same, but we must respect and honor our bodies. We should always have as ideal our health, both physical and mental.

You do not have to torture yourself with strict diets if your structure is fuller, but you embrace your femininity and become the partner of men who prefer voluptuous women.

Beauty is not measured by the scales or centimeters. Honor your body with healthy food, move with joy, let your body find its shape and weight at its best.

Don't be obsessed anymore and don't punish yourself as much. Live with joy.

You are adorable, you are beautiful, when you are confident and your inner beauty will shine, and men will appreciate you no matter the size of your clothes.

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