Mihaela Bilic has revealed the seven tricks that help you get rid of your tummy. "At dinner it's best to eat …"

Mihaela Bilic has revealed the seven tricks that help you get rid of your tummy. "At dinner it's best to eat ..."

To get rid of the belly we have to have three main meals a day, to give up sugar, alcohol and traditionally prepared foods, but also to stop eating carbohydrates after 6 pm.

Diet plays an important role in melting fat accumulated around the abdomen. Nutritionists say that to get rid of the belly we do not have to maintain a drastic weight loss cure. "There is a little food order in the rhythm of the meals, in terms of the amount of food we put on the plate, but also on the way it is prepared," says Dr. Mihaela Bilic, nutritionist and author of the book "Health tastes" .

This has made a list of dietary rules that we should adhere to if we want to get rid of the belly aesthetic:

● Get used to having 3 main meals daily. This rule will not only help you get rid of your tummy tummy, it will also help you lose a few pounds. "The effort of digesting food and eating it in the range of 4-5 hours helps your metabolism burn more calories than when there is only one meal and that evening," says the nutritionist. According to her, a day when you "skipped" a meal is a day when you didn't lose weight, and the calories that come after are assimilated faster and instantly transported to fat storage.

● Remove “heavy” preparations from the daily menu. This category includes traditionally cooked preparations, which are high in fat and contain minced meat. These preparations include beef salad, sarmales, chives, cakes, creamy sauces. "When you want to get rid of the fatty layer around the belly you have to opt for dietary options: barbecue or oven, wild meat, tomato sauce, spices and herbs," Dr. Bilic recommends.

● Avoid foods with high caloric density. Products that have many calories concentrated in a small volume, such as sausages, cheese, margarine, sweets and fastfood, should be replaced with products that have low caloric density and high volume. This chapter includes lean meat, fish, milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

● Resize the portions and number of dishes served at a single meal. "Because we are increasingly sedentary we have to give up the classic succession: appetizer, soup, main course and dessert. Two dishes are sufficient, and the soup must be one of them. This will fill the stomach without a high calorie intake and will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time, ”said the nutritionist. The doctor says that to get rid of the belly we have to reduce the amount of food from the plate by 30%.

● Give up sugar completely. This ingredient contains a lot of empty calories without a nutrient intake. "Due to the speed with which it is absorbed in the blood, it results in an increased secretion of insulin, a hormone that additionally stores fat in the abdomen," explained Mihaela Bilic. For people who can not give up the dessert can opt for a fruit salad.

● Remove alcohol. Beer is also on the list of prohibited foods when we want to get rid of the belly. "Most alcoholic beverages have a weight surplus from both the calories of the alcohol itself – it contains 7 calories per gram – and from the generous intake of fatty and salty foods that go well with alcohol," says the nutritionist. Alcoholic beverages have the ability to reduce the burning of storage fats and promote the conversion of food calories into fat tissue.

● Do not eat carbohydrates after 6 pm. Bread, pastas, rice, fruits, potatoes and olives have nothing to do with the dinner menu. Explication? After this time the body slows down its metabolism and can no longer consume carbohydrates, which automatically turn into fat. Thus, at the last meal of the day it is advisable to eat meat of all kinds, including fish, and as many vegetables. Carbohydrates can be included in the breakfast and lunch menu.

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