Mihaela Bilic: "It was not invented a more complete and balanced diet than it. It's Dietetic and Cheap "

Mihaela Bilic: "It was not invented a more complete and balanced diet than it. It's Dietetic and Cheap "

Nutritionist Mihaela Bilic explained on his Facebook page which is the healthiest food that any housewife can do easily and economically.

There is a food that, fortunately, is part of the culinary tradition of the novel, but has lost its place at our table. It's a common soup / soup cooked less and more unfortunately, even in families where there are children.
Nutritionists around the world have admitted that "from the soup onwards, nothing more balanced about nutrition has been invented." In France, dinner is not supper, but "souper" because it is customary to eat only a soup in the evening.

All soup as a unique dish was also served at the first restaurants, this product being considered ideal for "restoring" work power.
In Romania, every housewife knows that nothing sucks better and is no more economical than a pot of soup. And if you made the army or you ate in self-service and you know what a great taste the soup made in the boiler 🙂
Dpdv nutritious soup is a complete and balanced food. We have vegetables, pasta / rice or potatoes, a little meat or fish and water. The soup moisturizes, heats and feeds with little calories. You realize that I'm not talking about the soup with 2 fingers on the surface or the one where we put 4 tablespoons of sour cream.
Whether it's vegetable or has meat, whether you eat it hot or cold, whether it's sour or sweet, reconsider the soup / soup in your daily diet. It's the easiest way to consume vegetables for children and the elderly, it's done in your house and you have a few days.
The big advantage of the soup is that it saturates and holds your belly full for 2-3 hours. If the stomach emptying time is monitored ultrasound, a 30% delay in the soup is observed compared to the situation when the food is consumed separately. So hungry soup is better than eating a piece of meat with vegetables and potatoes and drinking a glass of water.
This curiosity could not be explained, but it is a certain thing: mixed together, the ingredients in the soup stay more in the stomach! All we have to do is take advantage of the silhouette.
I kindly recommend a generous portion of the steaming soup, as a unique way for any of your meals. And put a chilli pepper next to it, intensify burns and accelerate metabolism by 25% for 3 hours after meal 🙂 Good appetite!

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