Mihaela Bilic: "Loose guaranteed, if you give up this food for a month!"

Mihaela Bilic: "Loose guaranteed, if you give up this food for a month!"

Mihaela Bilic: "Loose guaranteed, if you give up this food for a month!"

Nutritionist Mihaela Bilic teaches us how to reinvent cooking in favor of the figure. The doctor gives many useful tips on the personal Facebook page, and this is one of them and definitely worth a try.

The well-known and well-known nutritionist spoke about the efficiency of giving up only one food, to weaken spectacularly.

Here is the message of Dr. Mihaela Bilic. "Nothing compares to cooked food when it comes to balanced and healthy dishes. Whatever you eat ready-packed in a package or any chickens on bread in the fridge has low volume and many calories.

Anything you can eat cold standing, in the car or on the couch on the TV fattens more than a plate of soup or stew. For those who want to lose weight, there is even the recommendation that they have only handy food to be cooked / heated / eaten with cutlery.

But this cook can also be a trap if we are not careful about the oil. We have in the culinary traditions the oil as a mandatory ingredient in any preparation, everything starts with "put the oil in a saucepan" (At 100cal / spoon I can tell you that this habit "costs" our figure.

Mihaela Bilic: No matter the type of oil, when it comes to calories

Any food with vegetables can become the caloric bomb depending on how much oil it contains, there is no need to be finch, mackerel or fried fish to get fat, we do it with a pot that has oil.
No matter the type of oil, they all have 900cal / 100ml. And the taste that the food gives is relative, rather it is in our belief that without oil it cannot be.

In France, obese patients are forced to attend a cooking lesson in which no oil is used, precisely to see / feel that the taste does not depend on it. With tomato sauce, spices and aromatic herbs get tastier preparations. Then, if we have meat, fish or cheese in a dish, the flavor is guaranteed. The "economy" you make in your caloric budget is huge if you remove cooking oil.

"You will lose, I promise"

And besides the figure, your health will have to gain by escaping the presence of Omega 6 with pro-inflammatory effect.

I'll give it a try: Give up a month of cooking oil bottle and find out what the food tastes like without it. Leave only 1-2 tablespoons / day of raw oil, put over salads. You will lose weight, I promise! ”, Concludes the nutritionist.

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