Miraculous water! We choose, depending on the therapeutic indications

Miraculous water! We choose, depending on the therapeutic indications

Mineral water has recognized therapeutic effects. This is why it is recommended and to whom! How mineral waters are classified, according to the label.

Mineral water has recognized therapeutic effects: it rehydrates the body soothes thirst quickly, has no calories and does not fat. The specialists draw our attention and say that we are eating healthily for nothing if we do not hydrate properly.

There are no major differences between mineral and flat water in terms of composition, both contain mineral elements, but in different proportions.

Due to mineral elements such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium etc. Mineral waters have beneficial properties for the body.

Mineral water reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents the appearance of caries due to fluoride, but also osteoporosis, gives hair resistance and skin beauty.

However, there are divergent opinions regarding the negative effect of mineral water due to its acidification.

Some experts say that if consumed daily, mineral waters would affect the stomach and even the kidneys because of the deposits of stones, while others deny these negative effects by claiming that this is not fully demonstrated.

Moreover, the latter speak of the antibacterial properties due to the presence of the acid in the mineral water.

However, natural waters meet the unanimous opinion about the benefits they have on the body due to the ions in their composition.

There are several types of sulphurous, obdurate, alkaline, ferrous, olimineral, chlorurosodic mineral waters and many of them are used for therapeutic purposes in resorts in our country, such as Herculane (sulphurous waters), Tusnad (ferrugionase), Govora ( bromate, iodate), Caciulata (alkaline) etc.

However, when it comes to siphon consumption, the opinions are unanimous. The siphon is not good! This is, in essence, carbon dioxide water, ie acidified water by adding carbon dioxide and not mineral water.

Nutritionists recommend that you alternate between mineral water and plain water and look carefully at the labels on the glass to choose a natural mineral water and not one enriched with carbon dioxide.

Classification of mineral waters

Depending on the amount of dry residue there are three categories of natural mineral waters:

– very poorly mineralized – the content of mineral salts, calculated as total fixed residue, is not greater than 50mg / l;

– poorly mineralized – with less than 500mg / l of dry residue

– strongly mineralized – the content of mineral salts, calculated as total fixed residue, is greater than 1500 mg / l

The National Agency for Mineral Resources controls the natural waters and conducts rigorous analyzes before they appear on the market.

Table water or spring water is cheaper and has only compliance notice, ie drinking, from the Public Health department.

Therapeutic effects of mineral water

  • mineral deficiencies calcium, magnesium, fluorine
  • decreased cardiovascular risk
  • digestive diseases, colitis, biliary disorders, constipation
  • uro-genital inflammation
  • diuretic effect
  • cosmetic

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