Natural soothing 100 times stronger than MORPHINE! Where can it be found?

Natural soothing 100 times stronger than MORPHINE! Where can it be found?

The miraculous natural soothing! It is 100 times stronger than morphine. What it is?

Well, marine snail venom is this miraculous natural remedy. It has effect in small doses and there is no risk of addiction.

Prialt is a powerful soothing used when morphine has no effect and is mostly composed of marine snail venom from the Conus Magus family.

The snail uses its venom to paralyze the fish before eating it. This venom is made up of hundreds of distinct peptides. Most of the peptides that make up the venom of the marine snail are harmful to humans, but a special peptide can reduce pain in an incredible way!

At present, Prialt is used in severe cases, when the pain exceeds an alarming threshold, because this medicine has a big problem: it does not cross the blood-brain barrier, an ultra-selective membrane, which blocks many substances from the blood to reach the brain. The protective layer prevents harmful substances from entering the brain. If Prialt does not reach the brain, it does not relieve pain.

The drug is given exclusively by injection into the spine. Scientists are trying to find easier methods, they want to use the "Trojan horse" method, that is, they will insert the peptides into another provider, called a viral nanocontainer, a small receptacle made of proteins found in viruses, which they will send beyond blood-brain barrier.

The use of a peptide that can enter the cells is an alternative at the test level now, it has worked in experiments performed on laboratory mice.

Specialists hope that in the near future the drug will be easier to administer, in the form of a pill that can be swallowed.

The findings will lead to new pain relief methods for those patients who have few options in this regard.

The new technique could replace opioids, morphine, which are addictive and have many side effects.

Snake venom has been used since the 7th century BC. Ayurvedic medicine to relieve arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders or to fight aging. Tarantula venom was praised by the natives of Central and South America for fighting a wide variety of diseases, from asthma to cancer, and traditional Chinese medicine has been using the frogs' skin secretions as a diuretic, anesthetic and anticancer agent for over a millennium. , as Glenn King recalls.

Deciphering the structure of poisons, authentic chemical cocktails of toxic substances, is a more recent success. One of the pioneers in the description of proteins from snake venoms was the naturalist Charles Lucien Bonaparte (1803-1857), nephew of Napoleon.

“Paracelsus, one of the parents of modern medicine, said (in the sixteenth century) that absolutely all substances in nature can be toxic. It all depends on the dose, ”says Colombian biologist Pérez Santos.

The poisons of some animals are authentic cocktails of toxic substances. Most complexes have a mixture of up to 1,000 toxic molecules, most of which are miniproteins called peptides that in turn contain between ten and one hundred amino acids.


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