Negative energy removed only with a glass of water

Negative energy removed only with a glass of water

The negative energy in your home can be banished with a water-based ritual. How is that possible?

Negative energy is even disputed by people who believe only in what is visible. But the energies have a major impact on our lives, even if they can not be seen. They are certainly felt.

We often feel uncomfortable at home or at work. This condition comes in the background of an excess of negative energy. What to do?

Negative energy can be everywhere, but why is it at home? It can be an inheritance from those who lived there before you. It may be that you have a resentful person, anger, hate, feelings of very low vibration that attract similar energies.

Negative energies are annihilated by the positive ones, with light and love, with high vibrational feelings. Just so you can feel comfortable and inspired.

How can you have positive energy at home?

If you also want a calm, abundant positive home, try this experiment inspired by Dr. Emoto, who has done some experiments a few decades ago, showing the physical impact of words, emotions, music and thoughts on the structure of the water.

How can you "handcuff" the negative energy?

You need: 2 teaspoons of white vinegar, 2 teaspoons of salt, 500 ml of water, a glass.

Mix all these ingredients in a glass and place it for 24 hours in a place where you spend a lot of time: bedroom, kitchen, dining room.

Check from time to time to see if salt rises. When the salt does not rise, it means that all the energy in the room has been absorbed there. Repeat the procedure in another room, if necessary. The water from the glass is then thrown!

Another very beneficial thing is to ignite sage-sticks and incense, to purify the space you spend time and to pray. Fill you with good energy.

Unfortunately, negative energies affect our family, pets, and even any object in the house.

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