New face and modern facilities at the children's hospital ”Dr. Victor Gomoiu ”

New face and modern facilities at the children's hospital ”Dr. Victor Gomoiu ”

Modern and attractive playground at the Integrated Ambulatory of the Children's Clinical Hospital Dr. Victor Gomoiu. The restoration project was completed, along with the arrangement of the new playground, the endowment of the new kitchen and the bottle shop.

The integrated clinic of the Children's Clinical Hospital "Dr. Victor Gomoiu ”(str. Prieteniei no. 2, sector 3, Bucharest) has a modern and attractive playground, specially arranged for the small patients who come to the consultations.

The Mayor, Gabriela Firea, visited the medical unit, including the new kitchen and the bottle shop, recently equipped with specific modern equipment.

What the Mayor General Gabriela Firea said: “This space was designed to ease the small hospitalization period. Child patients need more attention from us, everyone, and need to be encouraged. The total value of the investment made by the Capital City Hall, through the Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services Bucharest, for the playground amounts to almost 35,000 euros, which is part of a large project unlocked in 2016. One of the most important results is that the rate of redirection to other medical units decreased from 3,000 to 0 – if before these works there were situations in which the patients could not be treated due to the lack of adequate equipment, in the last two years there were no such cases, the facilities provided by the City Hall, through ASSMB, being the last generation. The hospital now has 11 specialties, and the diagnosis time has decreased by up to 50% ”.

The playground is a mini-park, a place of relaxation for the little ones, provided with: pavement with roof, pavement without roof, three slides, two 2.5 meters long and one 1.5 meters long, a carousel with benches and platform, swing, figurine on the bow, swing with two chairs and eight benches.

Equipped with rubber pavers, the play area has been designed so that children with special needs are safe. Moreover, for them there is a dedicated play area, where there are suitable facilities for children with special needs: carousel for children, swing and play set.

The interior walls were decorated with stories from stories for children, animals or cartoons, through a collaboration with 4 foundations (ANOUK Foundation, STVROS NIARCHOS Foundation, ARPE Foundation and Bucharest Innocents Foundation). The paintings delight the little ones, make the hospitalization period more pleasant and the general atmosphere more welcoming.

Ambulatory of the Children's Clinical Hospital "Dr. Victor Gomoiu ”was rehabilitated and modernized, with European funding, the works being completed in 2017. The final value of the project was over 1.6 million euros, of which 1.5 million euros from non-reimbursable funds and co-financing from the local budget. of about 133,000 euros. The unit has had about 26,000 patients in the last two years, and the cases of redirection due to the lack of specific facilities have dropped to 0.

The main estimated results of the rehabilitation project of the integrated ambulatory are aimed at increasing the number of patients treated annually by 50%, from 19,580 to 29,370 patients.

Within the project, rehabilitation and consolidation of the integrated ambulatory building were carried out (architectural works, resistance works, installation works, insulation); modernization works that include compartmentalization according to the approved medical circuits and flows (including for the access and vertical displacement of people with disabilities), specific finishes for the sanitary units, the opening and the execution of the installations according to the proposed new operating structure.

Also, the equipping was made with specific technological and medical equipment, including furniture for the newly established medical offices (building equipments, specific furniture for equipping the health services infrastructure, specialized equipments with medical equipment and equipment). These include a high-performance CT scan.

In the ambulatory Gomoiu 12 doctors and 13 nurses work. The unit, with an area of ​​1,180 square meters, has 11 specialties: Dermatology, General Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, ENT, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Pediatric Gynecology, Neuropsychiatry, Neurology, Orthopedics, Allergology. In addition, within this space, there are also medical offices with other specialties: Psychology, Speech Therapy, Functional Exploration Laboratory with assistant and Computer Tomograph cabinet.

The investments are part of the Municipal Health Strategy carried out in the current mandate – to increase the quality of the medical act, the population's access to modern tests and therapies and its level of education in the field.

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